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When to go for Trademark and Copyright registration in your startup journey?

Hi All,

Just wondering when it’s a right time for a start up to go for trademark registration.  Whether an entrepreneur who has just started should invest his time and money to get Trademark and Copyright registration. Please share your thoughts.

– Arun


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  1. The Moment you DECIDE YOU ARE Taking the Idea to the Next stage for Execution, and that you would be working on it in the Future as well (if any iterations / pivots apart)  and is that also not the whole point of Working on it too ?  

    It takes around 7 – 10 days normally once you apply for registration for ™, and there after once you receive the confirmation of its being accepted around 18 Months for the ® mark to be used (if not Abjections / Objections crop up), so plan accordingly too WHEN you want it to be Registered as per the Time availability on your End with the other required resources as well.

    The earlier you do this the better, so you would have Peace of Mind and a Viable IP property to Show too and retain  maybe later you might not be able to claim the IP for the same too, since someone else might have taken it up.


  2. Thanks Darshan.

  3. If you have a brand name firmed up, no harm in going ahead with registration. it doesnt cost a bomb and was completely hassle free for me thank to Vakilsearch whom i got in touch thanks to rodinhoods. Excellent service, v reasonable, was too good for us and more than we expected.

    in fact we got our company M/s Indiacod Ecom and brand Fabcase registered using their services and now they are our permanent go to service

    if u search for the name here in rodinhoods, u will get whole lot of info. otherwise u can reach them on

    best of luck

    Sanchita ( (mobile accessories), (ladies apparels, live but work in progress)

  4. How successful is your startup? Have you seen copycats?

    Is it worth even thinking of ‘safeguarding’ a brand that may not be valuable?

  5. Thanks Alok. That exactly is my question. We are working on the portal/brand and don’t know how future will treat us. There are similar services in the market either just launched or about to be launced like us. So not sure whether its right time for me to even think this. If yes, then the question arises whether I should go ahead with vakilsearch or my local CA.

  6. Your trade mark can be a valuable business asset. Trade marks have come to represent not only actual goods and services, but also the reputation of the business. Normally a Trademark indicates to your logo or brand, which is distinctive from your competitors. A trademark can be a word, letter, number, phrase, symbol, shape or combination thereof. To know the trademark registration process at trademark registration

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