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When to start?

In the year 2010, I left my comfortable and cozy job of a SAP Consultant. Although money was cool and life was easy, it somehow demotivated me. I was devoid of any challenges and most importantly, it didn’t help me to write. 

I wanted to write a book and become a best seller. And still wish so 🙂

So, all of a sudden, I left my job and announced to the world and I am going to become a Writer. 

And by God’s grace, I am still able to call myself a Writer, even after almost three years of experiencing what a Writer goes through in this hardcore commercial world. 

The moment I left that job, I had felt unloading of a heavy burden of career, CTC, appraisal, politics and money. I was feeling as if I am flying.

If I had not taken that strong decision and continued with the job, then who knows, I would have still waited and watched. It just happened. I didn’t read any motivational book by that time, or had I any knowledge about what Writers can do and survive. I just wanted to write a book.

That was the first step. I had started.

And now, since 2010, I am still trying to finish my debut book. That is three years of meaningless waiting!

I am not able to take that second step; the step which will reveal my darkest fears and push me to a point of no return. Very similar to the condition of an Entrepreneur, when he is not able to take that big risk. Fear of Failure creeps in. 

And then, suddenly, I came across this brilliant post by Seth Godin. The topic was: When to Start?

And it stirred me. 

Here it is:

  • “The best time to start is when you’ve got enough money in the bank to support all contingencies.


  • The best time to start is when the competition is far behind in technology, sophistication and market acceptance.


  • The best time to start is when the competition isn’t too far behind, because then you’ll spend too long educating the market.


  • The best time to start is when everything at home is stable and you can really focus.


  • The best time to start is when you’re out of debt.


  • The best time to start is when no one is already working on your idea.


  • The best time to start is when your patent comes through.


  • The best time to start is after you’ve got all your VC funding.


  • The best time to start is when the political environment is more friendly than it is now.


  • The best time to start is after you’ve got your degree.


  • The best time to start is after you’ve worked all the kinks out of your plan.


  • The best time to start is when you’re sure it’s going to work.


  • The best time to start is after you’ve hired the key marketing person for the new division.


  • The best time to start was last year. The best opportunities are already gone.


  • The best time to start is before some pundit declares your segment passe. Too late.


  • The best time to start is when the new generation of processors is shipping.


  • The best time to start is when the geopolitical environment settles down.


Actually, as you’ve probably guessed, the best time to start was last year. The second best time to start is right now.”

And yes, I have started. 

PS: In case you are seeking that motivation, that extra push, that belief in yourself, then I would highly highly recommend to attend The Rodinhoods Open House in New Delhi. The date is February 22, 2013 and the venue is Leela Kempinski, Gurgaon. Here are the details.

I am Mohul, a Writer and a Dreamer. is the place where I blog, and WordsWithMagic is my entrepreneurial dream. I am pretty much active on Facebook and Twitter as well. Keep in touch!




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  1. mohul,

    firstly, i don’t think you realise that you inspire many many people here every time you write something!

    secondly, by now you know that being a ‘writer’ is anything but glamourous! trust me, the easier part is writing the book 🙂

    prepare yourself for what follows. but never get disheartened. getting it out there and published by a reputed publisher is a mammoth task. but it will happen. and so will book number two!

    i think this is a very good share to start the week 🙂

  2. Thanks so much Asha! I would like to really thank you for the constant motivation and push which is required by a Writer.. Glad you are here.. Keep rocking!

  3. Mohul,

    Bro You have surely won my Standing Ovation !! Dude.. highly motivated stuff …. Can’t be better then this.. !!!

    Thanks for Sharing !!!

  4. Mohul – You are a writer! Great one from you!

  5. Thanks a lot for reading this post.. and appreciating its value.. Though all credit goes to Seth Godin.. 🙂 Thanks again!

  6. Thanks a lot Anamika!

  7. Well Mohul,

    We will have a lot to share on this 22nd for sure, as I quit my job in 2011, a wild dreamer, a bengoli sweet lover 🙂 and yeah have the fantasy to write as well, just started to write few months back and am a chapter and half down.

    Just before I wanted to take a plunge down ASHA and few other “rodinhooders” suggested me in the following post, hope it helps you as well

  8. 6 degrees of Separation!

    We will definitely meet, Pawan.. Maybe I can take some really useful tips from you 🙂

  9. Hey dude !! Loved the article !! Cheers and Best Wishes !! 

  10. Thanks a lot Anurag..!

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