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Will Be a Good idea to Sell Sweet through E- commerce.

Hi Everyone,

How are you.
Got an Idea to set up an innovative web site ( Where food product like Sweet’s(dry/wet) we are going to sell. So Just suggest me, will it be a good Idea to sell “SWEET” by using a E- Commerce site, across India.

Example : Rosogulla !!!


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  1. Hi Amit,

    We are located in mumbai and currently developing E-Comm Website for One of the Big Meethai wala in mumbai,

    if you are looking for Development and Consultation contact me on

    or give me call on 9221439536

  2. Ok. This is good idea. But for Indian buyer tasting before buying food products matters.

  3. Dear Amit, 

    There is no doubt that it is a good idea. Selling sweets there is nothing new. In every area you will find 2-3 good sweet shops. The factor which will differentiate your project / idea is delivery part and the variety of products. 

    We are working on a similar idea. We sell cakes online ( from reputed bakers of the location. Offer people what they want, when they want and where they want. Products accompanied by services will be really a gr8 concept.

    We take “e-commerce” as an alternate channel of sells. I personally believe in selling food items online than any other things.  Wishing you all the best !

    Please go through the below link to check the suggestions I received when i shared the same thought about on trhs.

  4. amit – pls check this post out – perhaps there are some learnings for you (though i realise mishti & namkeen are poles apart in terms of shelf life and packaging needs)

  5. I don’t know about this being a good idea or not (I don’t know much),but some kind of MVP and data will be able to tell better.

    But, for people who grew up city A and living in city B, might pay a little extra for that old taste from city A (for me its Indore, MP) and I will pay a little extra for Kaju Katli from Agrawal Sweets Indore. Basic expectation here being it has to be fresh..:-)

    Other than that, I have some ideas around some customer development and minimum viable products and will be happy to share if you want.

    All the very best.

  6. Hi Govind,

    Good to see your Comment, and thank you for sharing your details. Soon i am will contact you. I need some help so please do suggest me.

    My Contact detail is – 8879846710

  7. Hi Krishna,

    Yes ! you are right what i am going to sell is been tasted and many many people are familiar with the taste. then is it possible to sell RIGHT.

  8. Hi  Asha,

    Thnx for sharing the above link. 

  9. Hi Ashish,

    Thanx for the suggestion. I checked your site its really good easy to surf. Soon i am also going to share my site with every one. Its under process so i cant mention my site name.

  10. Dear Amit Thanks for the compliments…

    I am sure you will have better website. Go through the discussion on this same forum for our project. We got good insights and suggestions from members. the link is shared in previous post. Do get in touch with these peoples. Also Natwar has mentioned good point his own choice of Agrawal Sweets. That is common with most of us.. Do get associated with known sweet shops for different locations. Let me know we can be of any help to you.

  11. I believe you have gone through the link shared by Asha… Don’t miss the video shared by Roshan (CNBC), interview by VC of the founder of, Abhishek Bali. 

    Following are 2 more links for your reference, operarting in similar field.

  12. Dear Amit, 

    Just found that the domain is already registered. is available for sale at Rs 499/-… if you like it, go and block the domain. I want to place an order of Rosogullas.

  13. Hi Ashish,

    Yes you are correct that, is already been sold, but yesterday i got my domain name as “”. But you can not open this site now, work is under process. And to place an order of Rosogulla, i am sorry to say u have to wait till Dec. month, on Dec. i am going to launch the site with products all over India. So after that only u can check out the site.and place an order.

  14. That’s gr8 Amit ! Happy to hear that your idea is now rolling… I am ready to wait till Dec 13. Hope to enjoy the Rosogullas as new year feast ! 

    All the best ! Do let me know if you need any help in Ahmedabad !

  15. Thank you for your valuable feedback, i will try my best to launch it before Dec 13 and first order i place for you. Sure i will contact you if any time i need your help. Please do share your contact or email Id for further communication.

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