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Woopra – a real time customer analytic tool every eCommerce startup should use.

It’s been over 5 years since I have been defining solutions for my eCommerce clients (startups). Almost all my clients have following questions:

  • How do I track my customer?
  •  How do I identify what they are planning to buy?
  •  How do I convert them into a customer?
  •  How do I measure them? 

Every client has their own set of questions and I had been trying to find a solution to help us answer their questions. I came across many tools that we have tried using to improve conversion but these tools still couldn’t provide solution for :

  • Identify the Registered Customer on Real Time.
  • Track Visitors – Know when did he first visited the website and pages he browsed.
  • Integrate with your favorite tools like Mailchimp, Zendesk, Sales Force, drop box, google drive etc
  • Go beyond Google Analytics and better understand your customer
  • Improve Bounce Rate & Optimize your Website
  • Filters – If you have multiple people in your team – filter their activities by their email address, ip etc

After much research I found Woopra, it just been 20 days since I have been using and I am loving it. I am still trying to learn and explore, but I would like fellow TRHS members to explore this useful tool.

Instant Setup and Implementation for eCommerce


Customizing your analytic tool for eCommerce doesn’t have to be a pain. Woopra has built tight integrations with eCommerce platforms, like Magento and WooCommerce, to deliver analytics designed for eCommerce with just a few clicks, and not a single line of code.





For more details.


Live Dashboard


Customize it as per your preference and requirement. With a single click, pin any of your reports to the Live Dashboard for a customized overview of your most important data, right at your fingertips.



Documentation & Video Tutorials


They have a very user friendly documentation and video tutorials section, which is very helpful to understand and implement the tool. 



Affordable Price



It’s FREE upto 30000 actions per month and have several plans. Best is try it before you actually invest in it. 


I hope everyone liked the post and find it a helpful tool to track your customer activities. Pls feel free to comment below.


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Guys just a small note. We are not affiliated with woopra. But if anyone wish to get this tool implemented on their existing store, please feel free to speak to me at 9811122212. 

We have used this tools for some our project like Print a Wallpaper & Bakerykart – an exclusive marketing place for Baking Supplies. The results are very impressive.


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  1. hi amit,

    thanks for sharing this. quick one – are you affiliated with woopra in any sort of way? if so, kindly add a disclaimer. thanks.

  2. No Asha not at all.. just found this tool a month back and found it really useful. Though this could help others too. I am still exploring it and trying to fine tune the reporting system.

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