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Would you share your corporate email id with a stranger?

I was trying to reach a person from the top management of a company to suggest our application Trolly.

I tried to see if I was connected to them, but I wasn’t so I picked up the phone and dialed the board number. I asked for the ‘Corporate Email address’ of this person, so I can write to him. The staff on the phone refused to give the email address to me. I don’t get why? If the fear is spam, how long does it take to mark it as such. But on the flipside, if the guy seeking your email id is one that has a solution you have been dying for, or worse, if the guy on the other line is your prospective customer, you are screwed, no? In our company, if people call to ask for the corporate email id, we give them.

What are you thoughts?


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  1. hahahaha – strange behaviour

    But i guess they want to avoid spam etc.

    best is to build your own network on fb/twitter/linkedin

  2. HI Kiran, 

    This is so interesting ! I was facing the similar situation the other day when I called up FITCH – a newly opened ‘firangi’ ad agency in Gurgaon – i assume have the nose up in the air ( as you will understand once i finish my note ). 

    The girl who took the call in a very very acquired american accent ( won’t name her) but a servicing executive – typically hired for client servicing so I’d expect impeccable phone manners. I wanted the e-mail id of the creative head as she is the relevant person I need to speak to for introducing my product and solution to. 

    I was told ” Im um sowwie ba i dun thing i cn shae it wi ew ” 

    I was like ” but I am asking for the official mail id and not her personal one ” ! 

    But the ” high and mighty ” refused and said ” na, um .. i dun thing I i cn shae ” click. 

    following which i called my next customer in Contract Advertising Mumbai and spoke to a very senior Creative person Ms.and she was more than willing to spare a few minutes listening and then directing me to the correct person, mail id and phone nos.  along with advice on what is the correct route to take 

    I guess what you and me faced speaks volumes about quality and persona of the organizations we end up talking to.

    Its the brand perception that we will carry forever 🙂  

  3. Hi Guys,

    You can try this probably…… you see every company has the email convention and 99.99 % it is followed thruout the organization…….for example if you know alok kejriwal is the contact person at rodinhoods and you are not getting his mail id………….just google any employees email id at …………or simply look for the easiest target….the operator……admin guy……..receptionist at the company …………for example if you find any one mail id like ……99.99% chances are that alok’s email id will be

    It has always worked for me ………….I hope it helps …… 😉

  4. shoot an email to or and it would definitely work in 90 % cases

  5. I give my corporate email ID freely.

    Modern spam filtering software has become so good that spam is rarely a serious consideration anymore.

  6. @Sugandha, yeah I can see the similarities in our stories. It also strongly reflects the egotism of the top management (for god’s sake this is the private sector). I would love to see this point spoken about by writers of corporate etiquette.

    @Saurabh, @Abhishek I will try your suggestion.


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