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YoKart- Helping Startups Create a Niche in the Ecommerce Industry

Hey Rodinhooders! Behold the innovative ecommerce platform that is making news for all good reasons in the ecommerce sector. It is feature driven, customizable, secure as well as economical. Proud to present you Yo!Kart, a highly versatile multivendor ecommerce platform.

A little about YoKart

YoKart is a highly versatile and robust multivendor ecommerce platform that has been acknowledged by the numerous startups globally. It is aimed at prospective entrepreneurs looking to launch their own multivendor ecommerce marketplace like Ebay, Amazon or Etsy. YoKart is a perfect example of an ecommerce platform; high on features and low on cost. It takes into account all the key features necessary for website owners, visitors, and merchants.

Features of YoKart

This award-winning platform offers multi-layer security, robust backend functionality and exquisite user interface at an economical pricing. Other key features include advanced customization, SEO Friendly system, eWallet, shopping cart integration, report generation, order processing, customer groups, and hassle free setup. The biggest advantage for marketplaces running on YoKart is the ease of implementation. It is most definitely one of the most user-friendly systems, not requiring any advanced knowledge of coding.

Benefits of YoKart

As already stated, it is an ecommerce platform aimed at launching multivendor ecommerce marketplaces. Although the ecommerce industry has been on the rise, prospective entrepreneurs often find it hard to launch their startup. Several issues cloud the minds of entrepreneurs like scaling up without wasting valuable resources, lack of cost effective as well as ready to launch system for faster adoption and poor or no technical support. In order to make it easy for prospective entrepreneurs, YoKart was conceptualized, formularized and developed. 

USP of YoKart

One thing that makes YoKart different from the rest of the ecommerce platforms is that it meets all the requirements of vendors, consumers as well as marketplace owners. It outshines the competition in areas like commercial issues, technical reliability, and post-sales support. The reason behind launching YoKart was to streamline the process of starting an ecommerce marketplace and it has been fulfilling their goal with excellence.

Pricing of YoKart

The startup package of YoKart costs around $250. This plan is aimed at early stage startups who want to test the ecommerce waters before making the big plunge. This is a hosted solution offering one-year license. For more advanced users, there are GoQuick and GoCustom packages.

Yokart Clients

Special Offer

YoKart, which recently won the coveted product of the year award at TiECON, Chandigarh 2016, is planning a rare event, termed as #YoKart100startups.

This rare initiative will offer 100 entrepreneurs a free copy of YoKart to begin their ecommerce journey. The most interesting aspect about this special event is that the entrepreneurs do not have to fulfill any contest or challenge first. The event will commence from 18 April 2016 onwards and the interested people can sign up to participate in the event. You can get more details about this event and get notified here.





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Rajneesh is working at FATbit Technologies as a startup business consultant. From choosing the right business idea to executing it effectively, he assists aspiring entrepreneurs in all aspect of starting a business. As a member of FATbit team, he is driven by the mission to simplify things for prospective & early stage startups.


  1. hi rajneesh,

    are you one of the co-founders of yokart or one of the team members?

    could you name some of your clients?

    pls add your website link and twitter handle at the end so folks can check you out!

    ps: we are rodinhooders, not robinhooders 🙂 

  2. Hi Asha,

    I am team member working on Yokart. The post has been updated with necessary information and thanks for the correction.



  3. Sorry if this sounds rude, but the first few paras read like they are from a sales brochure – not from an entrepreneur or involved team member who is telling me WHY is this platform so great!

    WHY are you relevant? What’s the REAL sauce? What made those 6-7 clients you mentioned choose you?

    Can you offer 1 real case study?

  4. Hi Alok,

    Thanks for the reply. I would be happy to answer all your queries. So let me take each question one by one.

    Why are we relevant?

    The current ecommerce market is abuzz with new startups emerging every now and then. But for an entrepreneur with little or no technical knowledge, it can be quite cumbersome. This is where ecommerce platforms make life easy. And this is where YoKart becomes relevant. We have built YoKart in such a way that it does not require any advanced knowledge of coding. The whole marketplace can be customized with just a click of a button. Moreover, our product not only excels in design or features, but we also have commendable after sales support. In fact, we offer 12 months of free support as well as upgrades. This is why YoKart recently won the product of the year award at TiECON, Chandigarh.

    What’s the real sauce?

    The real sauce is our pricing and the product itself, which has all the required options needed to run a marketplace. If you compare our startup package to other prominent competitors, you will notice that we do not have any restriction on the number of products or users. Several similar features make YoKart a compelling product.

    Regarding case studies, I would say it’s been one year only that YoKart was formally launched and even though the response it received needs no mention. We’ll definitely like to share the case studies but it will happen only after the stores built on YoKart reach the stage of maturity as they are too young to reveal their facts & figures- AND WE RESPECT OUR CLIENTS’ CONFIDENTIALITY. Till than you can rely on the statements of existing clients.

    This is the one of the reason why the clients (that we mentioned) choose YoKart. I guess, I managed to clear all your queries.


  5. There are several the best ecommerce platforms as Yo!Kart such as Magento (, WooCommerce (, MarketEngine ( and so on. When starting an online business model, the business owners need to consider their needs on which they can choose which platform is the best. Every platform has special features to meet every niche.

  6. Yokart is the best marketplace script, below i have listed some of best marketplace sofwtare

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