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A 6 Day off from an Entrepreneur’s Life

TIME, I believe is the most valuable currency that has ever been discovered. And for we as Entrepreneurs, we value its importance more than anyone else.

Yes we take out time BY OUR CHOICE to enjoy and have fun, because that is important to refresh our minds.

But what happens when you are forced to do so and you are left with no choice!!!

My last week was completely wasted because of the not so efficient system (less technology usage).

Since I had to make my Passport to travel abroad next month (for work, leisure included), it is mandatory to have Birth Certificate. Ok that is in the rules, and my parents should have made it for me just after my birth, but I have my 10th class mark sheet which is considered as a birth proof everywhere except at Passport office.

Consider that as birth certificate and matter over!!!

But the real game begun then…

For the birth certificate I need to stand in line for a complete day just to receive the application form, ONE DAY GONE.

Then the required list of documents as asked by them is always incomplete because they assume us to understand that this will be required for sure so they tell us just x number of documents rather than complete x+1.

Now, since I was born in a rented house, so they require ID & affidavit from the person where I was born, means one more day of going to landlord’s house and then to court which is in completely different direction.

And then, when that is not enough they also require the Water bill of the year 1992, the year in which I was born, NOW FROM WHERE SHOULD I GET THAT?

Now they will tell you a way that from the Jal Board you can get it in written that in the year of your birth the water connection was present with the name of Mr. Xxx (Our Landlord), which means go back again to landlord house for his signature and going to two department offices of Jal board in same city (different directions)


Add to that the frustration of everyday, when I am asked to do so many rounds of the city and I am NOT EVEN ABLE TO TOUCH MY WORK.

At the time of writing I am still awaiting my Birth Certificate and only then I will apply for Passport in Tatkaal).

Just 3 days ago I read an inspiring article how Jeff Bezos made 6 Billion $ in 20 minutes, and then here are we, literally doing nothing for 6 days.

Yes I am one of those creepish kinds who values my time a lot, and this article too was written while traveling in Delhi metro. 
The reason I am writing this is, so that, it could reach the right audience who can completely automate the entire process.

Just imagine if there are 1,00,000 Entrepreneurs here in India, and you save 6 days from everyone’s life.
The growth automatically goes up by 6,00,000 useful working days.

In hope of useful tomorrow…

I am an Internet Marketer & Consultant.

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  1. saurabh – i love such debut posts!! welcome to therodinhoods once again!!

    i hear you. completely. we were in delhi for an extra few days during diwali only because my husband’s passport needed to be renewed in tatkal. his case was absolutely straightfwd, yet he had to sit at home (which in delhi is not what he usually does!) and wait!

    i think there is a HUGE opportunity and problem to solve here – for a startup to deal with govt folks. 

    do check out what sarvesh does in mumbai – i will share your link with him too!

    ps: a few months ago i had to waste a few hours to go sign the documents for our new apt. and i just couldn’t bear “wasting” a few hours! i think as startup people, we are always so wired to our work, it’s impossible to not work on a working day!! my husband plonked me at a south indian restaurant nearby and ensured i had lots of idlis and filter coffee till our turn actually came :))) 

    (another foodpreneur opportunity!)

  2. ps: good luck! may the birth certificate gods be with you…!

  3. It’s great the way you can look out for Opportunities out of every problem.

    But yes, it is a big problem.

    Get the complete system online, save your time, my time & nation’s time.

  4. Hehe..Hoping for the same 😉

  5. Should I be glad that I am not the only one suffering or sad that there are many who are? The government has made things online however those processes are only partially automated, you have to visit an office to complete the procedure. Maybe more startups will help in tackling these issues. All the best saurabh.

  6. Lost Brother!!!

    Loved your way of presentation (in your discussion).

    But, it is so terrifying going to Govt. places again & again. Hope things will improve.

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