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Amazing Asha is Amazing

Amazing Asha deserves to win the People’s Champion category, because we are voting for her only in this category, because last time she got nominated in 4 categories and the votes got divided. So only People’s Champion it is!

Building an online community from scratch requires discipline and that is tricky while dealing with a bunch of entrepreneurs who are used to be their own bosses. Finding the right balance between warmth and enforcement of rules is something Asha manages to do without making people feel ticked off or rejected. She is as respected as she is loved. Moreover, she’s able to coach her editorial assistants in the same skill set.

Keeping people together and focused on the final goal – keeping people coming back to the online platform to seek help, to help others and to interact – it needs absorbing all opinions and ensuring the calm is maintained. Asha has, time and again, shown great patience and diplomacy in managing conversations and helping the community grow as one.

Reason for People’s Champion nomination?

Asha has a keen eye for potential and is able to help people step up, pull up their socks (complete with critical feedback which helps one be better) and have new champions come up within the community. She connects the right people, helps everyone get value, and guides everyone in adding value as well. Conversations online are driven by community members – as opposed to the community manager – and Asha plays a silent coordinator in the background, allowing the right members to stay in the spotlight. All offline events are driven by respective city teams – identified and guided by Amazing Asha. She is a People’s Champion in true sense.

I haven’t seen a community manager who responds to emails in a matter of minutes, and one who is so accessible throughout. Also – crucial to note – the response is usually with a solution/suggestion with some thought got into it. Fastest fingers and a mind that genuinely cares.

Offline events are an integral part of online communities – people need to meet and greet and talk to stay together. Asha has boundless energy in connecting people, ensuring they meet on their own, ensuring meetings have an agenda and allowing others to take a lead thus driving the community onward.

Amazing Asha is amazing for having consistently built India’s largest, hottest and most dynamic community of entrepreneurs which is impacting thousands every single day! Read this post by Bawi Bride Perzen on why Asha deserves your vote.

Please vote for Amazing Asha to win CMAD’s People’s Champion Award

Nominee’s Name: Asha Chaudhry

Nominee’s Email –

Nominee’s Twitter ID: @ashaonthebeach




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  1. you’re very kind sush. thanks a bunch.

    i get, as a writer you need to use alliteration (amazing asha, etc) for it to sound good. but trust me, for every amazing story someone will have an “annoying asha” story as well :() 

    but thank you, from the bottom of my heart – for asking folks to nominate me. i just wish that trh gets a little recognition amongst all those big, happening communities out there. i mean, we are an awesome community. just want people to know we’re around…

    ps: every time i see that pic of us – i either want to feed you or go on a crash diet!!!

  2. hahaha I’m sure ‘Annoying Asha’ ends up being ‘Amazing Asha’ as the content lifecycle ends 🙂 That’s why all of us love you!

    This was 2 years ago. I’m fatter now, when we meet!

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