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And the Dream Begins

Hello Rodinhooders,

I know, I had been silent for a while, where is that Veg guy with all the hype, suddenly out of the scene.

Well sometimes it is said, you have to go back two steps to have a strong start. It is exactly what I did, I was fighting during the months of May, June and July to start-up at a decent location for my restaurant called Vegeatario.

I did get funded, but I made my mistakes and learnt and yet learning, though still I’m no where to opening an outlet, just like Perzen and her site bawibride, I thought to start from home, though she had a different system than mine. I thought to do what can be delivered via home, or which can be taken away. I worked on the model a bit, got the costs revamped and here we are again.

Let’s back to focus on the dream, I got the idea from Perzen and many other ladies and my uncle who also does run a mess from home. I said if they can why can’t I Now I was awaiting for where to start, and how to start, and then came this…

I started volunteering with Anubha mams Angel Express foundation at the Juhu center, so over the last two weeks, I and my girlfriend had been planning for a site and still working on it. So I thought why not let the volunteers at the center try out some of my dishes. I today just gave my first sample of “Oreo delight”. I handed a box of 12 to around 6 -7 volunteers.

And now comes the big buck, I got my first order TA-DA, one of the volunteers Avani Dalal, who runs the center just ordered 3 boxes of 8 each. What does it mean to me. We are on guys, we are on.

Currently my plan is to get my site up and do Take-aways and delivery only within Vile Parle and Juhu area. Since my products are far more different from Perzen so limited area delivery, we currently are serving Sandwiches, Pasta, Milkshakes and Desserts via the online mode. Once we start out on the brick and mortar model we aim to increase the menu size.

It’s been years to reach here, but over the last few months the agitation, the family issues, and I knew I was reaching my goal, and now I see the dawn.

It’s just the beginning… 

Will surely update once the menu and site is ready to let you all have your taste buds try one of our delicacies.

Thank you all the Rodinhooders.

here are our details :

T : +91-9699-246-444

E : ;

Fb : Veging

Twitter : @VrVeging


   Updated on : 17/09/2013

Dear Rodinhooders,

We have again changed the name from Vegeatario to Veging. Just to keep it a bit smaller. 

Ladies & Gentlemen presenting to you after a long delayed wait our Menu.

VEGING will be taking orders from Monday 23/09/2013 onward, so get your list ready, Unfortunately we won’t be able to deliveries due to no staff, but yes we can always getmypeon. So deliveries will be charged 150 extra. So do let me know.


5, Mithani Apts,

Lajpatrai Road,

Vile Parle (West),

Lane next to Hang Out.

Minimum 1 hour prior order for take-away and delivery. 

Delivery time will be from Parle to the destination.


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  1. baby steps karan…

    many congrats! technically, you’ve started up 🙂

    my humble suggestion – target one building with offices. start with an office where you already know someone. do some sampling. because, eating is believing 🙂 

    when you think they are ready and open to giving you orders – do it once or twice a week to avoid eater’s fatigue. that way, you can cater to a few different offices every week. 

    am sure some rodinhooders would also be open to sampling and ordering 🙂

    i’ve already added you on a list i’ve made of food entrepreneurs on trhs!

    all the very best! this is just the beginning….

  2. Karan – a big big congrats and yay for starting up. Join Twitter now – that’s more important than the website and Instagram too! My only suggestion would be keep the menu small – do your signature dishes and do them well 🙂 And now, it seems it is going to be my turn to order!

  3. Many-many congratulation Karan, I feel very happy for you. Best of luck. 


    Congratulations !!! Karan!! This calls for a Party ! 😉

  5. Thank you so much Mam,

    Thank you for your advice. will surely look into offices.Since Vile Parle is all Gujarati vicinity and there are very few offices, yet will try to connect to a College which is my main crowd target.

    Thank you so much for your advice Mam

  6. Yes Perzen you are free to order anytime.

    We are already on twitter also, just that I’m a bit slow at it. Will surely look forward to using it frequent.

    Thank you so much for your wishes.

  7. Thanks a lot Anil Bhai,

    come down to Mumbai for trying us out.

  8. Sirji income hone do, fir dekhenge party ka.

    right now focus on getting to the goals.

    Thank you so much for your wishes 

  9. karan… if you’ve identified college kids as you main TA – then stick to that!! college canteens need variety. and college kids are ALWAYS hungry. as long as it’s VFM and yummy – you will rock!

  10. think of canteens (not mess) in hostels as well. hostel food sucks. the canteen is saviour coz the mess is always a mess :(((((((((

  11. thank you so much mam,

    will surely look into the mess, to clear the mess. 

  12. thanks a lot Rahul,

    glad you liked them.

  13. Definatly Karan Bhai, I will come down to Mumbai and try out. You have really shown great courage, self motivation and fighting spirit. It will also motivate other aspirant that everything is possible. 

    These lines are also motivational for me-

    You have to go back two steps to have a strong start”

  14. YEY!!!!

    Finally the train has left the platform!

    Cool! it will pick speed and go places!

    Cheers Karan !

    Lagey Raho! 🙂 

  15. Thanks a lot Omkar, will surely reach Pune someday soon.

  16. thanks a lot Anil bhai 

  17. food entrepreneurs? 🙂 sound yummmm

  18. Sorry to say ,Vegiatario is so long and tung twister:)oops I got the spell wrong

  19. Hi Ashwin,

    for you a simplified version Veg – eat – a – rio. I hope your tongue doesn’t get twisted anymore. 🙂 …. 

  20. Yup…hope I won’t twist it with your food stuff too:)))

  21. Well the menu will be out soon,

    But if you wish to try you can order the Oreo delight each at Rs. 50 and a box of 6 at Rs. 275. These prices are for Take away’s , delivery charges extra depending on the location.

    By next week end we should be able to finalize the menu

  22. To all the Rodinhooders,

    Updated :

    Vegeatario is now Veging 

    Menu and details.

  23. I remember when I told you Vegeatario is a bit tung twister! And now again you are changing it!
    But all the very best to your venture and may it flourish

  24. Actuly VegIn still sounds crisp and short!

  25. Hi Karan, wish you all the very best !! I live in juhu so will surely come down sometime to sample your food.

  26. Most Welcome Khushal,

  27. Thank you so much Ashwin

  28. Many Congratulations Karan…Great to see your dream handshaking with reality….way to go..good luck

  29. congrats karan! do u have a twitter handle yet?! am about to tweet your post.

  30. Thanks a lot Vimal 🙂

  31. Thank you so much mam

  32. domain is available at the moment. Book them, it would help in your branding efforts online(If you intend to do so in future)

  33. Thanks a lot Sidharth,

    Yes we are soon to be going on the .com world. We have not yet planned on whether to go with are actual name or . since we are currently a start-up and dot com hasn’t been thought about. 

    Thank you for your advice and will surely let you know once the site is planned out and ready.

    Till then keep on Veging

  34. Congratulations! Go all out on social media and promote yourself and your brand. Talk to people/influencers and let them know that something like this exists. All the best! 😉

  35. Thank you Megha,

    Yes we are already on Facebook and Twitter, we plan to soon be there on G+ and Pinterest.

    Thank you for your advice.

  36. Dear All,

    The facebook page has been changed.

    Also the date of launch has changed due to certain equipment not reaching me on time. 

    Thank you all. 

  37. Yay! All the best matey 🙂

  38. Dear Rodinhooders,

    Due to issues of equipment, I have removed Cappuccino from the menu, and also both the Mousse, due to some finishing issues. Since we wish to make Mousse gelatin or additive free, they are giving me a bit of a trouble.

    Hence I have changed the menu and replaced them with Cocoa Cafe, Strawberry Creme and Crunchy Crush.

    I apologize for the chaos over the last few days.

    Thank you for all your wishes and support. 🙂

  39. If you say deliveries will be charged 150/- xtra how is it viable for some one to order 250 Rs order?

    You must be pressed on time but doesn’t mean
    1 you can leave your FB page which is the only FACE your business, blant.unapatizing
    2 you cd have just sd cappuccino is :Coming soon, instead of sobbing on FB page for non availability of equipment ,how does a customer is concerned with that..he just want service
    3 infact your FB page shud pull your customer to order something instead you pushing it.
    4 by no way a customer is concerned with enterprenuers problem what he is looking for is solution, it may happen but later when you build rapo

  40. Hi Ashwin,

    We are currently in talks for delivery boys and also negotiating rates with third parties. I’m not forcing anyone to take deliveries, instead I would suggest take-away’s from the given address.

    And for the FB page we are trying to let people know about any issues or problems we have faced,

    See instead a person ordering and we denying that a certain product isn’t available it is always good to let them know in advance. We are going viral on social so FB isn’t only where we are. 

    customer wants a solution but what if his problem isn’t solved, we don’t want them to go unhappy. 

    bye way what is cd and sd ? 

    And I know its not the page that they are coming for, its for the food, the focus should be on it. 

    And if I myself have time as I have now, I may myself surprise the customers by delivering it myself. 

    I hope your issues are solved.

  41. Great Karan, menu has come out well….I am also into food….CremeFraice , a Bakery n Creamery . In Mangalore


    All the very best


  42. Great Karan, menu has come out well….I am also into food….CremeFraiche , a Bakery n Creamery . In Mangalore


    All the very best


  43. thanks a lot Kiran,

    Will surely visit CremeFraice, someday …. currently no plans to visit Mangalore … may be in the future … 

  44. How is DHANDHA?

  45. Sorry for the late reply I was out ….. but Dhandha is slow, but got a big event for a start-up like me ….

    from 4th eve to  6th of October at Bilabong High Malad, its a good opportunity since a lot of kids and families would be there for the event.

    It’s only for school kids and families on 4th and Sat and Sun is open to all …. have invited Rodinhooders on Watsapp … have sent a mail to Asha mam, if I could create an event for the same. Though limited products but yet will be able to display my skills and try to reach out to as many as I can.

    Also in talks with a few other locations for events, will let you know if any of them fructify …. also hunting a good location …… hoping to get an outlet soon 🙂 …

    Else wise doing samples and surprising friends and family members. 🙂 

  46. Alok’s Qn is Spot On…if Dhandha Fit to sab fit…else unfit:)))
    How’s is ur Marketing push and spread? Are you meeting corporates? And mid size co.? May be you hold free testing sessions on sat for their employees?

  47. Hi Ashwin,

    We aren’t meeting many corporates but yes …. we are planning to do a few day or a week events … I have also had a word with few more friends who are at a good spot …. planning events out there …..

    For marketing as I said distributing samples among friends and also trying to get in to corporates by doing small events 🙂

    V are also looking at locations in Mumbai and Pune once finalized will surely let everyone know about the same.

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