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ROOMYS : Feedback is the breakfast of champions !

Hi !

TheRodinhoods has been THE PLACE where I have personally received a lot of encouragement. Rodinhood himself has been true to his name. I have found a mentor ! YAY !

Fellow Rodinhooders , today i want to share with you our idea. Yes ! our first project , an app is going live in a few days time. We would be grateful to you if you share your valuable 2 cents about this idea. As they say, Feedback is the breakfast of champions.

Name of the app : ROOMYS

Doing what : Helps you find ROOMYS (room mates) in a city to share a place permanently or temporarily !

Vision : Next time when you step out of the city , your old flat , relocating or for a short trip and your Mom asks , ” Beta / Beti , with whom  are you gonna stay ? ” And you say , ” Don’t worry mom ! I will find someone from ROOMYS “

Guys ! We are going live soon. So we need your valuable feedback about the idea.

Stay in the loop :

Thanks in advance.



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  1. Check and get in touch with Vishal Gupta looks like both can be helpful to each other 🙂

  2. All the best Gunjan!!
    It feels great when someone from this community actually starts up!!

    All good luck to you..

  3. Hey Darshan ! Thanks again !

  4. Thank you Tejas !

  5. best of luck ..!! brother

  6. Thank you Nitish !!

  7. Congrats Gunjan, a wonderful idea, an uncontested market space & great potential to scale. All the best :)))

  8. Thanks Amar !!

  9. You can also Check this Post 

    Launching a Startup Campus in Mumbai

    and Connect with Gargi for “The Playce” 🙂

  10. thank u again Darshan !

  11. cool idea.. but won`t they be any security issues regarding being in a room of totally unknown people? I would like to know how can we have the sense of security Gunjan 🙂 . just my 2 cents

  12. Hi Praveen ! yes a few more people asked me the same question ! well in the beginning you can browse through the profiles of users , interact with then and then decide for urself ! also you can read the testimonials written by other people . it is more on the lines of giving you options. you can speak , chat and then decide ! in the next stages we will start validating users by looking at some of their official docs.

    on a funny side , people these days find love and get married on the internet ! finding roomys is a smaller task ! 🙂

  13. hahaha.. true! but, even we can validate users via official docs, we still can`t get 100% trust on them.. 

    A nice idea and a startup. 🙂 all the best gunjan. Hope, in next few months when I go to other city I can find my roomy via roomys 🙂

  14. Thank yu Praveen ! Yes, well trusting people in a country where we are taught not to talk to strangers can be a little difficult. But beyond Roomys too i firmly believe, with the passage of time , improvement of education and basic facilities , the thought process would change !

    Thank you for raising the question !

  15. Hi Gunjan, Its a great idea !!!  i just met a few friends of mine and this was a major topic of discussion as each and everyone is sharing their room with some random person or staying as a PG or in a hostel. ( some of them are still looking for a decent place to stay). today as youngsters are looking for a good opportunity (job wise that is) relocate A LOT !!! in mumbai itself there must be thousands if not lakhs of such people who dont have a decent place to stay. i am sure this app will help them a lot. the market out there is definitely huge, so all the best from my side.

    P.S. will be recommending them your app tomorrow itself !!!

  16. Thank yu sooooo much kushal !! We are trying our best ! Hope we live up to it !

  17. What a timely post!! I am searching for a roomy.but feel a bit apprehensive about this initiative?

  18. Hi Chinmay !

    It shall be a place just to find roomys. Just like rodnhoods where you meet people and make friends , roomys shall give you a list of potential room mates. connect with them and find your most compatible roomy.

  19. logo. i know it’s a lil too big ! 😀

  20. gunjan… pls update your post at the end by adding today’s date and the logo (you can control the size of course!!!) . also add the fb page for all of us to like and share.

    all the best!

  21. Hi !

    my dear fellow rodinhooders ! you are not just rodinhooders , but a part of the extended advisory panel !

    As we are so consumed by our ideas, it becomes inevitable that we analyze the world around us with the perspective of our start up ideas. Incidentally, as i read about the Bansal’s of flipkart , there was an interesting fact that came to mind with respect to roomys. 

    Sachin Bansal shares his story of why a co founder is needed. Now where did they find each other ?? Any guesses ?? well yes they were ROOMYS. When we share a space with someone other than someone from our family, the possibilities are limitless. That person usually is our extended family. Roomys are people with whom we associate more often than not.

    The first few chapters of Eric Ries’ “the lean startup” also talks about how start ups usually grow. The people whom we find working with us are more often than not people whom we have known at a personal level at some point of life. My guess would be, they have definitely shared a space together at some point of their lives. Be it for a an overnight party or long term. 

    This is the essence of Roomys. It’s not just about finding a place to stay , but finding people to stay with. We hope to make it as easy for you to make that decision.

    The full story of the Bansal’s as it appeared in ET today :- Read how they realized they were alike and could do something together while sharing a space together.

    And here’s our page on facebook. Get in touch , share or ask us anything that you feel like. :- 

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