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Ashwin Sanghi on Authorpreneurship at TRH Mumbai Open House

It all started with Alok sharing an article called ‘Authorpreneurship’ from The Economist on facebook. He tagged Ashwin. It was the first time I had ever heard the word and being a writer myself (and aspiring author) it intrigued me. I saved the word ‘Authorpreneurship’ in my mind 🙂

A few days later, when I spoke to Ashwin regarding our #Goodluck Contest, I simply asked him if he was in town on March 28th; and whether he would be interested in doing a session on Authorpreneurship at our Open House?!  In all of 10 seconds he agreed! I didn’t even have a confirmation from NSE, our venue partner – but I just took a chance and bounced the idea with Ashwin!!

Long story short (as Rodinya says), everything fell in place. The next thing I know, I’m standing in front of THE Ashwin Sanghi at the NSE gate. I discovered, he’s the MOST HUMBLE AND DOWN TO EARTH celebrity author one could possibly meet.

collage credit: anamika jee 🙂

Ashwin’s presentation simply blew us away. No fancy adjectives can give justice to Ashwin’s presentation skills!

He shared his own journey from writing his first book and how many times he got rejected! There are many insights and tips on how to find a publisher and how to market your book. So if you are a writer or an aspiring author – BOOKMARK THIS POST and thank Ashwin when you get published!!

Ps: I haven’t shared the takeaways – don’t want to spoil the element of surprise right now! But if anyone or you would like to share the learnings from this session, that would be awesome!! We’ll add it to the main post and give you credit!!

Here’s the video for you! Do share this post with all the writers you know!!

PS: Many thanks to Sanket Bhatt & the Dhinchak Mumbai team for shooting & editing this. Sanket has monitored the editing over team viewer from France!

Darshan for spending time with the editor to segregate the sessions.

Prathamesh for letting us use his opening and closing animation.

And Nameet for uploading the vid on YT 🙂



A rodinhooder pinged me about this tvc of Kindle with Ashwin in it saying, “He’s exactly the way he was at the Open House!” :))) Couldn’t help sharing it here!


Originally published on TRH on April 11, 2015.



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  1. Thanks for putting this up! 

  2. thank you for thanking me anirudh 🙂

    we’ll put up the vids of the other sessions one by one as and when they get edited….

  3. Great, looking forward to it Asha! 

  4. I learnt so much in just 1 hr, its not funny! 

    Alok, you had mentioned the app analogy and reversing the funnel, staggering stuff. Both seem to be struggling with Discover-ability, in so contrasting ways.

    Discovery on app store, or how to increase getting discovered, a whole new ball game. 

    Thanks once again for hosting these Open Houses and more importantly to share the same here! 

  5. This is just super awesome … I just wish I had come across this few months before (Asha ji, you know why!) Learned so much.. very valuable presentation.. thanks for coming up with this video idea.. compensates for those who were not abel to make it.. The conversation had many one-liners as takeaway!… Ashwin Sanghi, you are such a wonderful person…. thanks a lot for sharing your awesome journey and more importantly the lessons that you learned the hard way…!

    Stay Awesome!

  6. Thanks for this. Just one word to describe it – BRILLIANT. Loved it. Thanks again

  7. Amazing Video. Good job Krisang. Lovely insights.

    Yesterday I received my first batch of “13 Steps to Bloody Good Luck” to give away….

  8. nice puneet!!!

    you’ve started your own record of giving away books!!!

    ps: we’ve used prathamesh’s animation. but all the films are shot & edited by dhinchak mumbai (sanket bhatt)… 🙂

  9. just embedded the kindle tvc that features ashwin! enjoy!!


  10. Awesome Awesome Stuff, another Great Great Content!

    and, a special thank you for the video, for people like me 🙂

  11. Thanks for putting it up, and i will share it to others.




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