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Funny Investor Entrepreneur meeting

There are many fake investors who give false gyan to new entrepreneurs. We took a funny take on these investors in our ad film.

There are 3 main characters
Gyan Baba aka VC/ Investor
Startup wala aka Entrepreneur
Chamchi aka Analyst

The emphasis is on acquiring clients and generating real revenues and not just on raising investment.

The video is conceptualized by

#RevenueFirst initiative of


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  1. hi nikhilesh,

    what was the purpose of creating this video/ad film?

    to showcase stagephod’s ability to create awesome videos and encourage startups to come to you to create their demo/product videos etc?

    to create funny content to go viral and create some brand awareness for stagephod?

    i don’t think you’ve been able to achieve either.

    as someone who has been into advertising and ad film making since 1993 (my advtg career came to an end only when i shifted my energies to trh in 2011), i am going to be brutally honest with you as i would to any of my colleagues, my team members, my crew.

    the video sucks. everything about it – the concept – the script – the acting – the audio (has an echo). since humor is subjective, after watching this twice, i privately shared your YT link with 5 rodinhooders to get their objective opinion. each one came back with the same verdict. no one found this funny or entertaining or anything worth mentioning 🙁

    i’m sorry – i really think you’ve done yourself and your brand a disservice by calling this video an ad film for stagephod.

    if i were in your place, to get traction, or to show the world my capabilities, i would make an incredible video (for free) for a startup i admired. i would’ve invested that time, energy and money to show my best ability to make a video for startups!

    a small suggestion – when you script such vids, before going into production – do seek feedback from a complete stranger who understands the medium. sometimes people close to us are not able to give objective feedback.

    i wish you all the best, nikhilesh. 

  2. Thanks Asha for your feedback. We will keep your suggestion in mind 🙂

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