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Breaking Out and Making Big

It feels great to have reached a point in my entrepreneurial journey where I am able to contribute back to the awesome world of Start-ups and Entrepreneurship with some practical and usable suggestions that I learnt in my last 9 years.


‘Breaking Out and Making Big’ is a no Nonsense book on new age start-ups and entrepreneurship. It is not the story of my startup or of my journey, but things I learnt through some successes and some failures, which would be most useful for an entrepreneur in any stage.


It also makes me very proud to showcase this on ‘The Rodinhoods’ as I can claim to be one of the first Entrepreneurs that Alok mentored back in 2007. I am an ex 2win group employee who had the opportunity to work in one of Alok’s companies and then have him as a Mentor and Advisor to my startup – ideacts innovations –


Alok gave me that last and final push that was needed for me to leave my dream job and take the best jump of my life.


He mentored us on some critical turns like setting up a company, pitching to Venture Capitalists, closing our first funding round etc. and helped us realize some things which we never even asked him like… Why every employee leaving your company is as important as one joining or how the CEO should be the most approachable person in a start-up or why one should not wear a suit to a VC pitch 🙂 


Its an honour for me that Alok has also written the Foreword of this book. 


Hope you like the book… Will appreciate a feedback if and when you read it. 



Added by Alok : August 26th:


Why should you read this book?

Check out my foreword:




And this was the sweetest part :)))





The review of this book can be read here.




UPDATE AUG 17, 2015


I believe Entrepreneurship is always about the Journey and not just the Destination… The fun in building something from scratch and see it reach heights, is far more exciting than just inheriting something that’s already big. For me the journey of building my first startup has been the best one till date and after that came the months of writing, that went into making this Book a reality.


But then there are some destinations, that overtake the joy and fun of every journey… such is this one.


Within a year of the release of Breaking Out and Making Big (which also happened on TRH) it has become the NUMBER 1 BESTSELLER on KINDLE STORE.




Entrepreneurship also requires and teaches you to share knowledge. Not just with your team, partners or customers, but also with the Universe. And there can be no greater example of that than The Rodinhoods – Feel proud to be a part of this community and to add my 2 cents to the world of Startups…  


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  1. Thanks for this, Rudrajeet! I’m already a few chapters in and am loving it.

  2. appreciate the feedback Sushrut… will wait for the final one 🙂

  3. Is your book available in stores or online?

  4. Hello Mr. Rudrajeet Desai,

    I had a memory of installing iCafeManager on my father`s new Internet cafe 5 years back. At that time, I really donno about startups and how companies emerges. But, now I`m too surprised that the iCafeManager my father used is a startup then and I have a startup now 🙂

    I really loved that software that shows who is downloading more 😛 . I just ordered your book on amazon and waiting for its delivery 🙂 Will read it!!

    Thank you

  5. thanks for your note Praveen… I hope you like the book… I will eagerly wait to hear your feedback… 

  6. Hello Mr. Rudrajeet,

    I just got the book delivered! It`s amazing that Amazon delivered it within 24 hours 🙂 Realy amazing 🙂

    Will read it and get back to you with my feedback!

    PS : The index is too tempting to read the book 😛

  7. 🙂 Thanks for everything, Rudrajeet. Best wishes.

  8. Proud and Happy to share that within a year of the release of the book… Breaking Out and Making Big it has become the NUMBER 1 BESTSELLER on KINDLE STORE. 

  9. whoa!! many congrats rudrajeet!!!

    so so proud of you 🙂

  10. Awesome! Congratulations 🙂

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