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Co-founders and Tech Lead for Building Entrepreneurs – Is a Career Network that connects you with the Indian Startup Community with Jobs, Co-founders, Mentors, Incubators, Accelerators and Investors and Startup Organisations.

I’m looking for a tech lead to join me and roll out a MVP asap for Android and iOS 

Tech Co-Founder Position:

Role Description:

  • Live and breathe code – we need a hands on person!
  • Have experience of working on consumer internet products
  • Have full stack knowledge of mobile product development
  • Have developed and made live android and iOS product apps
  • Ability to take UI / UX decisions and visualise masterpieces
  • Ability to hire a team and get things done
  • Work experience in a startup is desired but not necessary

Compensation: Handsome cash component. Equity commensurate with a Co-Founder position.



I’ve been building online communities in the education space since the past 11 years. being the largest with over 6,00,000 members. – No 1. Bachelors in Management Portal of Mumbai is another community for students pursuing the BMS course.

With , I intend to put all that learning into play and create a highly profitable business that makes it amazingly easy for anyone to plug into the entrepreneurial ecosystem of India.


People have identified with me as an entrepreneur since when I was 19. I’ve come across several amazing entrepreneurs, helped a few, got helped by a few and realised that an entrepreneur is another entrepreneurs best friend in good times & bad.

A food entrepreneur does not know another food entrepreneur who stays 30 mins away from his place. Wouldn’t it be amazing if they both connected? Think about how much they could learn from each other over a cup of coffee. I’d love to see that happen. Wouldn’t You?

I’m Kartik Raichura, Recipient of Star Young Entrepreneur of the year award – 2013 and Founder of Management Paradise – which showcased as top 100 startups to work with 2014. I am on to building something awesome with Entrepreneurs!

Join me! Drop in a line at : or connect via twitter or comment below and tell me how you can help me build this platform.



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  1. wow karthik, 

    you’ve come a long way since you guys posted your funding pitch on trh 3 years ago!! did you get funded? you guys MUST update us on the journey – it’s been so long! from 3Lac members you’ve become 6Lacs! that is commendable!! in fact you should share your community building insights and learnings with us!!

    okay… so tell me – how will be different from trh?!!


  2. Hey Asha, Thanks for your compliment! 

    It never occurred to me to share community building insights. I think I’ll write about it now that you’ve nudged me 🙂

    No, we are get funded yet! The portfolio is growing on accrued revenue and bootstrapped. 

    How’s different from trhs! 

    Simply put, if thrs is facebook, entrepreneurs is whatsapp 🙂 .. thrs is user generated content community, entrepreneurs is instant messenger 🙂

    I’m sure once the product comes out, the difference will be clearer… until then, pls help me connect with the right people! we’re both helping the entrepreneurial ecosystem!


  3. Hi Karthik,

    I have sent you an email for the same. Please share with me more details, so that i can try to help. We are an IT company based in Pune. We can help you with development platform for the 

    Connect with me at 7387693030


  4. Thanks Saurabh for your interest. 

    I’m interested in connecting with cofounders who would be interested to work in individual capacity and not as an outsourcing arm.


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