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Content Marketing in 5 Minutes – The Indian Story

Spoke at an event last month, just before winning the Content Marketer of the Year award (Woohoo!) About all things content – mobile strategy, breakthrough growth hacks, trends about WhatsApp, Instagram and the all mighty Facebook. I’ve added the video below. Q&A in comments 🙂

So I’m writing a book 🙂

The last two years have been a roller coaster ride in producing, distributing and decoding viral content. I’m compiling it all into a non-nonsense book. It has the stories of learnings from the content marketing trenches, of how experiments became best practices for multi million views viral videos. Join the mailing list and I will update you when it comes out 🙂



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  1. your energy is contagious aashish!

    do share your insights on your experiments on whatsapp and instagram.

    btw – i sometimes wonder whether facebook acquired whatsapp, or did whatsapp acquire fb’s users?!

    seriously – i see so many folks active on whatsapp and not on fb. i think most folks prefer whatsapp over fb inbox. 

    i don’t. but then, i don’t really share my phone number, that’s why!!!

  2. Thanks 🙂

    About Whatsapp.. till we get any analytics from FB, it’s just about posting content in a closed user group and waiting when it comes back from other groups back to you. To me, a video hits Whatsapp stratosphere, when I share it in office group and in a few days someone in my family shares it back lol Also, Whatsapp I think has deeper penetration into Tier1-2 cities more than FB, but that’s just me. My mom for example got on Whatsapp first, then on FB, a classic example of the new internet userbase in India.

    About Instagram, just that FB released Ads for Instagram, ride on it till rates are low 😉

  3. i am forever in love with fb aashish. 

    i hate whatsapp groups – perhaps that’s why i shall always prefer to share and express myself on fb.

    about 10 seconds ago – someone shared an awesome video (startup story) with me. and the bloke isn’t even a startup person!!!

    so i guess it’s gonna be interesting how and where people continue to share their content. 

  4. Nailed it !!! thanks for showing the way  Aashish …..Instagram  and Whatsapp it is !!!!

  5. Very inspiring Ashish. Looking forward to implementing many of your tips/learnings at Inshorts. 

  6. Ashish, what’s your view on Snapchat and their vertical video revolution

  7. Hey Alok, I believe vertical video has the potential work well considering mobile content is consumed vertically compared to desktop. But not sure about snapchat growing in India yet. In Delhi-Mumbai-BLR sure, but Tier 2 cities where the mobile growth is.. they’re experiencing FB, Whatsapp for the first time, not sure when Snapchat takes off, also with 5-6 apps on your phone, it’s a battle of the apps to take the attention span 🙂

  8. Awesome 🙂

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