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Digital Workplace Ecosystem for MSME’s project seeks Seed Funding / Angel Investor.

Dear All,

We are working on a concept Pert ERP – is an Eco-System of Simple Digital Work Place with integrated ERP features like Accounting, HRMS, Project, CRM etc & 3rd party Business applications like Gsuite, payment gateway, WhatsApp etc. that runs on cloud to provide single desk management & Ease in Day-to-Day Business Operations for Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises.

Our Mission is One App-All of Business.

We have launched our beta version

Please have a look & feel in the attached Business Deck & Whiteboard video

It’s a SAAS based solution which is 60% complete till date.

Although the idea is more or less familiar with other available apps but Pert ERP is the world’s most cost effective ( did the correction cheapest to cost effective after Rodinhodder Anil made the noticable comment, Thanks Anil. Team, Pert ERP) & resource friendly application. Our main obejective is to provide single end-to-end solution for all the small & medium enterprises right from solo to startup to mature so that their IT won’t be messed up.

We are looking for Seed funding/Angel investor to boost the product development & marketing activities.

Expecting a favourable reply,





Pert ERP- Your Business Expert.



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  1. Two things I want to mention
    1. Don’t ever advertise your work/product as ‘cheap’ (Pert ERP is the world’s cheapest & most resource friendly application). If you don’t respect your work, no one will , if fact why would anyone want to associate themselves with something cheap. Classic case is Tata Nano which was a good car to solve a very good Indian problem but since it was advertised as the world’s cheapest car , it was never a car to be considered even for the first timers.

    2. I saw your roadmap of product and I see from product inception to product launch it took hardly 2 years. For a normal app or product I can understand that its possible. But for an ERP I don’t think its possible. It gives me an impression that you are definitely cutting edges somewhere. Therefore don’t put such a roadmap, keep this for in house team if you like.

    Best of luck.

    • Dear Anil,

      Thanks for your positive & informative comments.

      1. We are completely agree with your comment here ‘cheapest’ referred as cost effective or optimum priced solution.

      2. We want to create a solution specifically for small & medium enterprises but we want to keep it as simple as possible so that it should not be a cost centre, so Pert ERP doesn’t required any ERP expert for implementation again it is a solution based on – one organisation one solution so there are no such addons cost. We generally used already available known apps in their respective areas which MSME’s are already using and integrate the same with our structure so this is the catch where we were able to cut the cost as well time to develop the solution.

      3. We are still in the development stage as already mentioned that it is 60% ready as of date so it will take some more time to complete the solution.

      Don’t take Pert ERP as only ERP it is basically a Digital workplace where you use already developed heterogeneous applications like Gsuite, Office 365 , Whatsapp, payment gateways, mailing solution etc with ERP applications mainly like accounts, crm, HRMS, Project etc with a single dashboard.

      Thanks for your comments & suggestions as we are a very young team & required mentoring from people like you so its a great help.

      Sincere regards,

      • Hi Nitin,

        Good to see you reply. Keep the good work and get some good client, Never get clients who don’t value a ERP product .

        The pain of ERP for a product company comes in implementation and acceptance. The client know they need a process change in there organization; they find an ERP can solve it, they buy it and assume that it will solve the inefficiency in the organization.

        These in-efficiency at a very large scale (since lots of department are affected at ones) are transferred to the product implementation team. The implementation team may be seriously hit by delay from clients side.

        Therefore do proper pricing at various stages of implementation (the best would be quarterly minimum payout regardless of any sort of delivery+ additional delivery charges) and ensure its properly mentioned and signed before you start it. The slower the implementation time, the more you will suffer in cash crunch.

        Again good luck to make an ERP product as the very first product of a newly formed company.

        • Hi Anil,

          You are absolutely right & we did our homework well that’s why we are not forcing our prospects to use our ERP portfolio rather they can just start with their existing applications like Gsuite etc through our dashboard which they are already using it but separately & as they will be familiar with the dashboard they will enjoy using our integrated system.

          That is the reason why Pert ERP does not required any ERP expert for implementation.

          Its a 2-way communication application, it speaks itself.

          From Pricing point of view we know & understand that for any ERP solution you can not expect millions of subscription overnight but once if subscribed & your customer will start enjoying you they will pay for it.

          That’s why we have made our pricing start from FREE to less than $2 per user per month which is at its optimum.

          We are also integrating the payment gateways to complete the transaction process for our customers as demonetisation gives them severe hit so they can take payments online too.

          There is much more in the kitty & our team is sincerely working on it to improvise the user experience & make it more user friendly.

          Keep talking its good to hear from people like you.

          Sincere regards,

  2. Couldn’t help but want to add one more .
    3. You are saying an enterprise license with 50 user will need only 20 GB data per year for an ERP product… Is this based on some mock data generated or you came up by studying your competitor and tried to pitch a better offer.

    • Dear Sir,

      Webspace of 20 gb is more than enough for any MSME organization having user base of upto 50 users for atleast 8 to 10 years as it is used just for database entry only as we are already providing more webspace by integrating Google Drive & Dropbox like cloud based storage solutions from where any time you can buy more webspace.

      sincere regards,

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