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FGali – Artist Designed Footwear Brand Offering Unique Experience to Your Feet

Hey Rodinhooders!  

I feel privileged to take this opportunity to share our campaign which caught attention of some fellow rodinhooders! 

So what’s the story? 

Like a typical fairy tale beginning, my story started with having a shoe affair in my engineering college days.. 

Just like most other students, I was always on the hunt to wear something which was exclusive, trendy and affordable. It was easy to find the right fit and pocket friendly products in apparel, but extremely difficult when it came to shoes. I realized smart shoes were not comfortable, comfortable shoes were not smart and if they were smart & comfortable they weren’t affordable! 

One day when I was stressed with my coding assignments, a pair of shoes randomly designed by an artist caught my attention on Facebook. After inquiring for the same I realized it was beyond my budget and even if I could afford it, the delivery timeline & policies were too crooked to be true. 

Here’s where my entrepreneurial instinct & unfulfilled need from college days haunted me for days to think about this project. My thought process to innovate in the niche started making calculations at an ever increasing frame rate of 10k Ghz. It never made sense at first as I was doing good for myself as an android developer and switching onto something which serves an entirely different niche was never a good idea. 

So how did it all manifest? Did I pursue the idea?

Here’s the video which answers your question!


Why crowdfunding?

We started FGali with the model based on selling hand-painted footwear. But with time we started developing ourselves and then we became more art and artist-centric. Our new model now revolves around artists in such a way that it will empower the artist and encourage the buyer too. We are here with 35 new designs by awesome young artists, whom we want to pay as per the highest standards. We are also scaling up with multiple options in footwear, with much better quality than before. To successfully achieve these we need a huge boost. And crowdfunding, according to us, is the best way to achieve that.

Splendid Designs 

Artist Story 

What’s the story behind Marketing the Artist Story ?

While working with our artist Nida Charfare for 2 years, one day I happened to strike a random conversation on her journey and why she chose to work with us. She opted to be an artist although being a topper in her academics in commerce and her response was something which prompted us to market such stories.

Here’s the Link to her story – Nida Charfare

Soon we realized every creative person goes through a unique journey which binds them to lead a path towards Arts & Creativity.
We thought why not promote such incredible journeys crafting them into a story and help them to reach out to our consumers? This not only helps them to explore their creative skills but also showcase their art work beyond walls and become a part of everyday style statements. It also helps them to understand the importance of self branding and increases their confidence & trust in their work wherein our customers get to cherish exclusivity and a connect with the product.
India has always been on the international map known for its diversified creativity in terms of culture, tradition and of course Bollywood, but we believe in empowering young creative students and help them make their mark in the international market.

What’s the Crowdfunding Score?

165 Backers, 300+ Orders, Raised 4.5 Lakhs

 Only 8 Days Left !

So Deal or No Deal ?
If you like our Story and of course our shoes, pls buy a pair in pre-sales for 1000 INR and be a part of our amazing creative journey.
Click Here to grab your hands on an Exclusive Artist Designed Pair of Shoes.

Link to our Website :

You Can Also Find us on Facebook & Instagram



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  1. hi shakeef (and sujeet) – neat idea and some cool designs. 

    am sure my husband would love to buy a pair!

    can you pls add your website link and twitter handle at the end?


  2. Ordered mine. Kudos to your determination and persistence.

  3. Thanks Sudarsan, Appreciate your inputs and kind words.

    It Really Boost our Morale !

  4. Done !

    Looking forward to his pre orders.

  5. Let’s make some Rodinhood shoes (not the brand but inspiring tag lines)!? Great story! Thanks for sharing!

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