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Help for a fearless, full of life, 76-year old man

This might not be a question which somebody will ask when they face a problem in various stages of their entrepreneurial journey. But this is something that I thought would make sense to ask here, because Rodinhooders have a lot of space to help.

I am talking about my paternal uncle (Tau ji) and writing on his behalf. A few days back, he asked me this question, and while I offered him a few suggestions, I also thought it would be nice if I open this up at this forum, and ask for more ideas.

His name is Bider Kumar Aggarwal. He is a 76-year old active, spiritful soul. Active yet restricted ! Restricted to a wheel-chair for last 20 years ! In 1992, he was diagnosed with a “Intramedullary Tumor at the C6 Level”

In his own words, he says “I still have the will to live at this ripe age. I dream of a house on wheels and roam all around India and the world if it will take me. If any of you have such conviction about that idea, I will be glad to share my views. “

Since he is restricted in movement, he wants to spend time interacting with people, talking to them, so that he can spend his time constructively. With the help of a web designer, he got his website made at :

He now seeks suggestions on how to build traffic to it, how to network with people, and find more like-minded people which enables him to get busy in interactions, and soul-ful discussions about nuances of life etc.

The 20 diseased years that he has spent, has made him medically-wise, and he has great knowledge related to his disease, life in general, and has sharp business acumen !

Some things which I have already suggested him are :
a) Get his own name domain like or similar.
b) Follow like-minded people on Twitter and start interacting with them.
c) Start a Facebook page, and build some buzz there.
d) Join some medical forums, and interact and network with people there.

I invite all of you to visit his website, read his life history, and see what can be done to help him live his life with some more people around. While he reads a lot of books, watches a lot of television, and browses a lot of web – it is still a one-way communication. He wants to make it both ways, and is willing to move to an interactive forum. I believe, and he sees that Internet is something which can make this bilateral and add that missing spice to his life.

He has a never-say-die attitude. From his age, you would notice that he is a pre-partition man, and like most of the people, he is new to the Web, but has a strong desire to learn !

I really hope that we Rodinhooders, have a lot to say about this…..

To Conclude, I borrow one of his tweets :
“Kisi ke aane ya jaane se zindagi ruk nahi jati, sirf jeene ka andaz badal jata hai”

His twitter ID is : @BiderAggarwal1

– Puneet Aggarwal


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  1. Just to update, he has now registered the domain –

  2. Hi Puneet,
    I visited the webpage, and I like to salute him for his strong will power and positive attitude despite facing such hardships.
    In case he is looking for medical treatment you may consider CMC in Vellore (in Tamilnadu) which is famous and people across India go there. I’m not an expert in this so you can take a second opinion or advise from medical experts.

  3. Sridhar,

    Thank you for your comments. He would really appreciate it. You may add him on Twitter.
    No, he is not looking for medical help. He has all the means to pay for any such medical help, if there is a treatment. But there is no medical treatment left beyond what he is today. He is content, satisfied. What he wants to do is put his time to best possible use. Interact with people, and share his knowledge as much as he can. He has restricted use of phone and ipad, because his fingers tremble and does not let him type as much as he wants to.

    Do you have any suggestions on how more people can connect to him using his website ?

    Regards, Puneet

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