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Getting Hype-d up

Greetings to all the Rodinhooders.


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  1. hey rishi,

    so what you’re saying is users get paid to give feedback on video content. how do you decide whether these users are qualified to validate videos? is there some kind of process? 

    do content creators who sign up for video validation pay a fee? 

  2. Hey Asha,
    That’s a very crucial point you raised.
    So the curators at our end would rate the users based on their feedback and they would be divided into 4 categories.
    At each given set of benchmark, when the user crosses, they will be promoted or demoted and so their pay scale will also change accordingly. For eg. the user in category A would be paid more than the one in D.

    In the current scenario in India itself when the marketing budgets of digital videos are in 7-8 figures, hype would be charging a fee based on the urgency and the duration of the videos. This will come in handy even when you to target a particular age group or a region.
    We’re also creating niche focus groups who based on their categories will be eligible for exclusive content.

    Let me know if I can help with any other queries.


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