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Introducing Zoe – For the healthy & nutritious tribe!


Hi All,

Writing this to introduce you to my brand Zoe – a nutrition-first food & beverages brand committed to making healthy & nutritious foods. 

Zoe was born after a trip to a nutritionist which made me realise this… We may think we are eating healthy, but chances are, that we are not. And we may be suffering from a vitamin or mineral deficiency, without even knowing about it. These nutritional deficiencies manifest themselves into greater problems moving forward.

I realised that a lot of had this same pain point, and thought, why not do something about it. This is how Zoe was born.

Zoe helps you to compensate for the nutrition that your regular meals don’t give you. At Zoe, we offer subscription programs of delicious Cold-Pressed juices, Yoghurt Parfaits, Vegan Coffee and Smoothies. These products are delivered to you on a rotational basis at a fixed time and address every day.

Some key benefits of our products are:

  • 30+ plant-based vitamins & minerals in each serving
  • 100% raw & fresh made every morning
  • 0% added sugar, 0% preservatives, 0% artificial flavors, 0% artificial coloring, 0% added chemicals

Would love it if you guys tried Zoe and shared your feedback!

Taniya Dhirasaria
Founder & CEO, Zoe F&B Group
3436, Sector 23, Gurgaon – 122017

+91 70220 24364
Website | Facebook | Instagram | Blog | Twitter | Zomato



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  1. hey taniya,

    i love food ventures and yours sounds awesome, especially for summer!!

    i went to your site – you have something called a 4-course meal? care to share more about it on your post?

    are your services limited to gurgaon only? 

  2. Hi sha

    Thanks! Yes, our services are currently limited only to Gurgaon, and some parts of South Delhi.

    Zoe’s 4-course meal is a delectable combination of a sandwich in focaccia bread, a cold-pressed juice of your choice, a small salad and a tiny chocolate-coated biscuit – just enough to satisfy your sweet tooth. 

    If you are looking for super healthy & delicious eats, minus the unhealthy fats & carbs, Zoe is your go-to brand.



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