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Goldmine of Indian Govt. Websites


I shudder at the thought of having to visit some unfriendly, smelly, govt. office for some life-dependent document/certificate. I start visualising the never ending lines of hundreds of people. The diseased stray dogs sleeping in the dark corridors who threaten to bite when you are forced to stand really close to them. The corrupt pan-chewing guy behind some desk who will first check you out with his scanner eyes, then decide whether you are worthy of some/partial/full correct information or not.

Not to forget, the endless forms to be filled and attested. In triplicate. The back and forth visits. And then the final pilgrimage to reach the person who will move some file to give you some piece of paper that is more valuable than the gold you’re saving for your daughter’s wedding 20 years from now.

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The fact is, in our country, no matter how well informed you are, how well connected you are, you still suffer. Most of us reach the correct office but are invariably tortured by standing in a long long line for hours only to find out you were in the wrong queue. Then after some queue hopping and solid PR you manage to see the light at the end of the darkest govt. office tunnel.

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So when the occasion arises, I normally start praying for a shortcut. An agent. The ever-smiling, resourceful and helpful retired Upadhyaya Uncle from daddy’s office (who knows all the clerks in every govt. office) to guide me (even accompany me!). Sadly, not always possible.

Thankfully, things have been improving. I’m sure all of us have “positive passport renewal stories”, etc etc to share.

Lack of information haunts all of us. So when this website info-loaded email came by (many many thanks to ramesh kakar for forwarding this to alok), we thought of sharing it. It’s a list of important (and useful) websites pertaining to govt. offices. Hopefully it will prove helpful to some of you…

oh yeah… May the force be with you!

(PS – we have NOT checked all the links. If there is an error in some, please let us know (and try and source the right one too) 


Apply for:

PAN Card otherservice_details.php? service=15

TAN Card otherservice_details.php? service=3

3. Ration Card howdoi.php?service=7

Passport otherservice_details.php? service=2 

Inclusion of name in the Electoral Rolls howdoi.php?service=10 


Land/Property howdoi.php?service=9

2. Vehicle howdoi.php?service=13

3. With State Employment Exchange howdoi.php?service=12

As Employer otherservice_details.php? service=17

5. Company otherservice_details.php? service=19

 .IN Domain otherservice_details.php? service=18

GOV.IN Domain otherservice_details.php? service=25


Waiting list status for Central Government Housing otherservice_details.php? service=9

2. Status of Stolen Vehicles otherservice_details.php? service=1

3. Land Records landrecords/index.php

4. Cause list of Indian Courts otherservice_details.php? service=7 

5. Court Judgments (JUDIS ) otherservice_details.php? service=24

6. Daily Court Orders/Case Status otherservice_details.php? service=21 

Acts of Indian Parliament otherservice_details.php? service=13
Exam Results otherservice_details.php? service=16 

Speed Post Status otherservice_details.php? service=10 

Agricultural Market Prices Online otherservice_details.php? service=6 


1. Train Tickets Online otherservice_details.php? service=5 

2. Air Tickets Online otherservice_details.php? service=4 

3. Income Tax Returns otherservice_details.php? service=12 

4. Complaint with Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) otherservice_details.php? service=14

Contribute to:

Prime Minister’s Relief Fund otherservice_details.php? service=11 


Send Letters Electronically otherservice_details.php? service=20 

Recently Added Online Services

1. Tamil Nadu: Online application of marriage certificate for persons having registered their marriages onlineservice_detail.php? service=2691

2. Tamil Nadu: Online District wise soil Details of Tamil Nadu onlineservice_detail.php? service=2693

3. Tamil Nadu: View Water shed Atlas of Tamil Nadu onlineservice_detail.php? service=2694 

4. Tamil Nadu: E-Pension District Treasury Tirunelveli onlineservice_detail.php? service=2695 

5. Meghalaya: Search Electoral Roll Online by Name (2008) onlineservice_detail.php? service=2697 

6. Meghalaya: Search Electoral Roll Online by EPIC number (2008) onlineservice_detail.php? service=2698 

7. Meghalaya: Search Electoral Roll Online by House number (2008) onlineservice_detail.php? service=2699 

8. Himachal Pradesh: Revised Pay and Arrears Calculator-Fifth Pay onlineservice_detail.php? service=2702 

9. Meghalaya: Search Electoral Roll Online by Part number (2008) onlineservice_detail.php? service=2700

10. Andhra Pradesh: Online Motor Driving School Information onlineservice_detail.php? service=2705 

Global Navigation

1. Citizens citizen.php

2. Business (External website that opens in a new window)

3. Overseas overseas.php

4. Government php

5. Know India knowindia.php

6. Sectors sector.php 

7. Directories directories.php

8. Documents documents.php

9. Forms forms.php 

10. Acts acts.php 

11. Rules rules.php 

12. Schemes schemes.php 

13. Tenders tenders.php 

14. Home defaultphp 

15. About the Portal abouttheportal.php

16. Site Map sitemap.php

17. Link to Us linktous.php 

18. Suggest to a Friend suggest/suggest.php

19. Help php

20. Terms and conditions termscondtions.php 

21. Feedback feedback.php 

22. Contact Us contactus.php

23. Accessibility Statement accessibilitystatement.php




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  5. hey all, 

    you’re most welcome. like i said, the list came to alok – i merely posted it!


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  9. An answer to the people who say links are not working. All the links are from the website

    Use google and site specific advanced search to get the link. Hope this helps.

  10. best thing is that really i can find some great thinkers & doers here!!..i am inspired!

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