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Half a million reach & fastest 100k video views in 24 hours!

Released this video on a Wednesday, and by Friday it had amassed half a million views on FacebookFeatured on NDTV on day 2 and broke first day records of all previous videos. Here’s the first day story about behind the scene strategies. The YouTube version is also being embedded crazy all over! Hit the magical million number in 7 days 🙂

Couple of things we did different this time

  • We reduced the video from 3 minutes to 2 minutes and further under 1.30, focusing on cutting out all shots which went even a second beyond providing the information it was intended for.

  • To ensure Facebook doesn’t block us from boosting (hard experience last time), did three separate ‘teaser’ image posts earlier, all those posts had video link added in the text and ready for boosting when required.
  • We do not spend on Facebook boosts, until the growth curve starts to plateau.
  • We spent less than Rs. 7000 on production, including the music license 🙂 It’s about the storytelling, not production value.
  • We distributed the same way as every video release, but this time also added the power of push notifications on our popular apps on Android and iOS

  • We did outreach to niche Facebook groups of audiences who may love this

The video has already surpassed our previous benchmarks for virality on Day 1. The biggest success so far, the Travel Hacks video, became Asia’s most shared Facebook post, it had 33,000 views on Day 1. Hotel Hacks, another millions views hit broke that record with 50,000 views on Day 1.

Breaking old records

And star video of today ‘Inside the bag of an Indian student going abroad’ has created a new peak at 125,000 views on Day 1!! That’s more than double of what we thought was a kick-ass benchmark! Fingers crossed, steady going, graphs are pointing north.. will share in a week, how up in the sky it went and how wide it made an impact. Till then, it’s frantic page refreshing 🙂

Day 1 – Numbers

Day 2 – Featured on homepage of NDTV!

and the article with Facebook video embed (a first), on their Facebook and Twitter.

Notifications to seed the video, a first for video distribution 🙂

Brainstorming the ending

The Making

And the leftover Ladoos! 🙂

 Numbers – 1st Week

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  1. aashish – the insights you’ve shared are WOW MATERIAL. 

    i saw the vid on fb and told my husband – there’s an aashish chopra doing some crazy shit at ixigo!

    so i love everything about the vid – the stuff you chose – everyone can relate to it. your production cost reinforces that the simplest ideas matter most. content is king, queen and the whole kingdom! love the music. 

    the run-of-the-mill question – how were the conversions?! 

    (yeah – rare q from the person who is usually on the creative team and not client team :)) 

  2. thanks asha 🙂 the objective of the video was to re-claim the Facebook engagement we got in earlier videos. Unlike previous experiments where we added a CTA button to the video, Facebook didn’t allow us to boost if it saw a CTA button (claiming it to be an ad); So the focus was to get ixigo infront of our users 🙂 It hit a reach of 5 million and 1.4 million views in a month 🙂

  3. and in previous videos we did get about 6% CTR when users clicked on ‘download now’ CTA button connecting our app download page to the video. But that was then 🙂 this one we steered clear of CTA to get max reach and for FB not to stop us from boosting if we required. Getting ixigo back in conversations helps us in driving conversions 🙂

  4. “Getting ixigo back in conversations helps us in driving conversions :)”


    aashish – you’ve got a huge fan in me!! so much to learn from you. i’m adding this link to your ASK AASHISH page as well. 

    keep rodinhooding 🙂

  5. And just to clarify , this was the fastest growing video as per our (ixigo’s) previous benchmarks, which I stated clearly in the text. Was appalled to read comments on FB with accusations of lying! Sad.

  6. Dear Aashish,

    Fantastic job my friend!

    Just for my academic interest…How much was spent totally (on various platforms like facebook, Youtube etc) to get this kind of reach and that too this fast?

  7. Thanks Aashish for this kick ass info, you just made my day. This is a great growth hacker. I still remember in 1985 I was in school in kolkata and a poster ad came out ” Golano Sona 28 taka” means “Molten Gold 28 Rs. kg” . We were all waiting and finally it was a new mustard oil launch. Your work people will remember even after 30 yrs, at least I will…. 

  8. Guys – you should offer to make Playstore App videos for App Companies… We really need crisp and high impact thinking!

  9. Also, could you make that shitty “Smoking is Bad for health” ad that plays in Cinema Theatres better? I am sure the Govt. of India could do with a redo?

  10. I think the last time those videos were shot were in the 90’s 🙂

  11. Way to go ixigo team. We Indians tend to take offence at everything and here you guys are taking a dig at the way we pack 🙂 Liked the crisp, short message. 

  12. Hey Sarandeep, Thanks for your comment 🙂 I can’t share the numbers on spends, but I can tell you that it got 800k organic views before we spent anything, and on Facebook. Organic reach is the holy grail by friend, spending is easy, organic is earned. 

  13. Thanks 🙂

  14. Thanks Sridhar, appreciate it 🙂

  15. True that Alok, anti-smoking videos are still stuck in the 80s 🙂

  16. You bet, made this few months back 🙂

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