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Hammer & Mop seeks a Marketing rockstar

We’re a 10-month old Bandra-based start-up providing specialized cleaning & upkeep services to residential & commercial properties. Our cleaning attendants are equipped, trained and understand what makes our clients happy.

The team currently consists of 2 co-founders, grey-haired mentors and 10+ attendants. We need an open-minded, creative, decisive individual to be on board and head our marketing efforts.

We offer great conversations, interesting business space, fun projects and an opportunity to network with some amazing people around us. We blog regularly.

If you’d like to join us, drop me a line at




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  1. sushrut,

    i simply love the name ‘hammer & mop’!

    couldn’t help clicking on your blog and found myself reading this – 

    i would like to ask you to

    a) make a small post under LISTINGS.

    b) write a detailed post for YOUR STORY. i’m sure many ppl would be interested in how you started h &m



  2. Everything Seems to be Perfect……From the name, To Concept, To the Blog, To the Employees, To your Approach…… Everything. 

    Sushrut, Best Wishes to you and your Team 

  3. That’s sweet. Thank you. I’ll do that. And hey, we’re on YourStory already 🙂

  4. Thanks a lot, Gurpreet.

  5. that’s really awesome sushrut!!! 

    actually… i meant YOUR STORY here in :)))

  6. haha alright. My bad. Will do that. 🙂

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