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How a Video Got Reach of 25 Million – Case Study

Presented the ixigo case study at the IAMAI Marketing Conclave in Mumbai in June. What an exciting event, enthusiastic audience and an experience to remember. On Day 1, there was an interesting session on video marketing, with who’s who of the video marketing world defending their stands.

It was a revelation to learn that we’re doing two things very different from the industry:

  • we produce all videos in-house and
  • we don’t focus on influencers (the messengers), but focus on producing kick-ass content (message) for our social community instead.

On Day 2, had my little case study presentation. The story of how we pulled a reach of 25 million from a video, and the best practices in viral video marketing. The energy was infectious, the session went off script, rapid fire answers to interesting questions from the audience. Find the slide-deck from the event below, and tweets about it. 

Slide-deck : Case Study


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  1. more than anything else, i loved the vid!!!

    the packing tips are awesome. i’m anal when it comes to packing and just have to do it properly for everyone in the family who is travelling with me or it disturbs my OCD!!

  2. 80% is about showing up 🙂


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