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I’ve started up. Thank you all.

Hi Guys,

This is not a very long post. I joined this community long back and I suspect I might be one of the very initial members who signed up. Never posted or shared anything but once in a while always checked on the entrepreneurial journey and experiences of the fellow Rodinhooders.

Being a silent observer, your successes made me cheery and also your failures made be feel the pain you were going through.  Always wanted to start something on my own but never thought that I could seriously pursue entrepreneurship.

Being from service class background (both the parents from Govt service) I had no mentor or guide to inspire or motivate me to seriously think about it. But I feel very proud to share that after three years of doing 9-5 job I’ve finally took the plunge and have started working on something which I can call of as my own.

I‘ll share more about my startup and work in my next blog but for now a big thanks for everyone in the community for sharing your ups, downs, highs, lows and journeys. All of you have made me realize that milestones are important but it is also necessary to realize the importance of creating meaningful experiences which you can own.

You were one of the reasons I could gather strength to quit my job and start something which I always wanted. Love to all.


Twitter : @sdeepak23


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  1. deepak, 

    very early on, when i worked in my first ad agency (20+ years ago) – i was told it’s the hardest to write something simple. and from then, that’s all i strived to do. write to simple that a child can understand what you’ve written. 

    your heartfelt post is probably the best thing that has happened to me today 🙂 i actually did a happy dance for you and made my 8 year old read your post.

    thank you for thanking us. thank you for reading and soaking-in all the good, bad, ugly sides of starting up that we have here. thank you for being inspired. 

    i am really looking fwd to your next post – so do pls share what you are now doing with all of us, when you’re ready.

    where are you based deepak?

    pls add your twitter handle at the end so i can mention it while making celebrating this awesome news!


    and may your rodinhooding spirit inspire many others….

  2. hey deepak, how’s it going? do update us!

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