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How to get an INTERNSHIP with Mobile Startups?

Hi Rodinhoods,

I’m currently pursuing MBA from Faculty of Management Studies, Banaras Hindu University. I’m interested in working with Mobile/Tech/App Startups (Product management/Marketing). Can you guys please suggest me about :

  • Where to look for opportunities?
  • How to approach concerned persons, asking for internship?
  • How to pitch myself?
  • Suggestions about resume (I’ve seen few graphic resumes/ Personal websites etc.), How to design, What to highlight?
  • How should I prepare for interviews/interactions?
  • Can you please get me touch with some opportunities? *Pretty Please*

Thanks in advance for being so awesome and helpful !





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  1. hi prateek,

    express suggestions – go through our JOBS section. lots of folks need interns!

    – create a detailed post in our jobs section if you don’t find anything suitable.

    – check out internshala and letsintern. if you use the search engine we have quite a few interesting stories on interns!

    – go through linkedin!

    – write to startups you would like to intern at/inspire you. places where you feel you will learn something and will help you gain future employment – or places you would love to work with! 

    pls add your twitter handle at the end of your post. will share with all the rodinhooders i know who are in the space you are interested in.

  2. prateek – check out rajat vashistha – get set resumes – and read all the articles related to the questions you’ve posed. 🙂

    read this –

  3. Thank you Asha for fast and informative response.
    Will surely follow all the suggestions.
    Have added the twitter handle at end.
    Thanks again! 🙂

  4. When can you start?

  5. WOW ROHIT!!!

    hey prateek, lucky you – rohit is an awesome person to intern under!!!

  6. Hi Rohit,

    Thanks for the generous reply.

    I have my Summer Internship Training for two months in May-June 2016 officially. But I’ll be more than excited to work from home (Hostel actually) in any project from now. Additionally, If you can please suggest some key areas where I need to gain skills to work with you/any-other mobile/app company, I would be immensely grateful.

    Thanks again for willingness to help, it really gives hope and courage to any aspirant.

  7. Yes Asha,I continue to be overwhelmed by Experienced Fellow TRHs willingness and initiative to help and guide new ones. Thank you and Alok for making available this awesome platform to us. 🙂

  8. At Zappka we are looking for MBA freshers who love apps and smartphones. We are looking for growth hackers, quick learners and multi-taskers.Role would provide opportunity to understand startup marketing and growth hacking in detail. And startups operations and culture in general.

  9. Hi Rajan,

    Thanks for reply. I’m very interested in learning about App and Smartphones’market.
    I have my official Summer Internship Training in May-June, 2016. What do you suggest me to learn (tech skills, market studies etc.) till that time to become able to contribute to Zappka in best way possible?


  10. prateek – alok shared your post on his fb & twitter. chk fb – there are some comments you might want to respond to.

  11. Really?? OMG! OMG! OMG!

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