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Mall review site

Hello Rodinhooders,

This is my first ask as to what do I do with this idea: 

1. A mall reviewing site just like restaurant reviewing sites (Zomato, Burrp)

2. The site will be helpful for those within the city and from out.

3. The site will help let people know what offers are running at the mall and also know which all stores are there in the mall.

4. It will also help the malls know what they are lacking and how it will help them change and get much better foot falls.

The service will first start in Mumbai and then may expand .

Thanking You all,


Karan Pandhi


Founder @ Veging

Fb : Veging


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  1. karan,

    gurpreet is already doing something similar in delhi i believe… pls check with him.

  2. will surely ask him .

    Thank you for your advice mam 🙂

  3. Hi Karan,

    Veging on hold for now? 

    Regarding your idea,it does sound good,you could try setting up a MVP first rather than going all in,get a domain name,chalk up a directory,invite user reviews and list the offers/events already being offered at these places. You can gauge the response and take it from there

  4. Hi Smit,

    Veging is not on hold, This was just an idea which I got when I and my partner were shopping and she didn’t find a certain brand and we had to go to another mall just to check out products in that mall. 

    So Veging is already going on, a bit smooth and soon to open a brick and mortar. 

    Thanks for your views, will surely do something about it soon.

  5. the idea is good, but it is extremely capital and technology intensive. Also essentially it is a me-too concept, so really not sure how will it go. Problem with this idea is that it will take a lot of resources just to get started in some meaningful way even before you can make out where this is going. It being successful, even remotely is even more far fetched. 

    Dont intend to scare or discourage you. best wishes for whatever u do. but i have this strong hunch, it is going to be too difficult and not sure if there is any significant moolah at the other end of it.

    Sanchita (, Another Me-too e-com site but with a disruptive pricing and marketing approach. Our Motto is “Sasta Sundar Tikau”. We have bled and ensured competition bleeds till the fittest and best remains. we tried this on ebay and succeeded to a great extent, now doing it slowly, elbiet steadily through our site)

  6. Thanks Sanchita,

    I liked your views, but I’m not thinking to make it a big success out of it, I can say it just clicked me at that moment so thought to ask you all as will it work, yes it will require a huge amount of resource and Technology in it.

    As the data will need to be up to date, who will pay for the site and its cost.

    It’s just a thought will escalate it if I feel it can do any good. 

    Thanks for your advice and I don’t get scared, if not now may be later this idea will come out of my closet or may be someone can read the views out here and think to try it out who has the capital and technology. 


    Karan Pandhi

  7. Oh wow,that’s great! All the best for it!

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