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Need help in getting in touch with a good payment gateway


I am in the process of developing a technology platform catering to the education sector. I’m developing a communication as well as end to end school management platform that will also facilitate collection of fees through online channel so that there are lesser footfalls and hassels in fee deposition.

Apart from this , I’m developing a functionality for purchase of school/institute specific goods like books, uniforms etc through this online channel.

I have been trying to contact various payment gateway providers but so far have not got a positive response.

EBS agreed to partner initially  but then said that they will enter into individual contracts with each institute and we will just be acting as introducer for them and finally our platform will be used with separate credentials for each institution.

We agreed but after that , they also became unresponsive.

Urgently require help to get in touch with right contacts for getting a nod for partnership with a good payment gateway…

Please help. I have also incorporated my company as a Pvt Ltd company.


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  1. hi neha,

    if you can share your company & website details – it would probably help other rodinhooders check you out and suggest and introduce you to the right people.

    we have quite a few rodinhooders who know the right contacts at payment gateways. have you used our search engine? we have lots of relevant posts and each comment shares invaluable info.

    look for a post by breakup helpline. and gourav das.

    btw, vishwas patel CC avenues is a rodinhooder.

    we know the co-founder of citrus pay.

    eashmart (rodinhooder) was acqui-hired by PayU

    nameet of sellmojo knows many payment gateway folks.

    will ping some rodinhooders to help you. but pls use the search engine.

  2. CC Avenue has a free plan to start and easy ready integrations for most open source platforms.

    Go for it in the beginning to ship fast and then optimize to save costs , add features as required.




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