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Presenting WorkApps – A New Age Work Management Platform

Dear Rodinhooders… Proud to present to you WORKAPPS… A new age Enterprise Tech Startup. 

What is WorkApps?

A Work Management Platform that help Teams, Organizations and Enterprises in Work Management, Collaboration and Communication.

WorkApps is an Enterprise Work Management Software for teams and companies that wish to evolve from the clutter of emails and progress to a more productive and efficient method of working. It’s based on the principle that LESS TIME SPENT IN MANAGING WORK, IS MORE TIME SPENT IN DOING WHAT ACTUALLY MATTERS.


What does it have?

It has a bouquet of Apps which employees can use to create and share Tasks, work on Projects between teams, under Contacts you have a list of all your colleagues and their details, have Team Discussions in one place without the need of shifting to multiple emails, A dedicated One to one Chat for work, a Notification system, so that no update is missed and many other things like Comments, Due Dates, User Status and various kind of sorting and filters.

Coming soon…. Document Manager, Backups, Notepad, Lists, Reader, Link Manager and so on.


Why is it needed?

Email was never meant to be a Work Management platform and using multiple tools to manage work can never be an efficient way. One cannot have a different app for tasks, contacts, project and a different one for chat and so on. WorkApps is built on the philosophy of ONE PLACE FOR ALL YOUR WORK.


How is it different?

Each company has a different structure of working. Which is why WorkApps offers in built Customization for smaller organizations and Bespoke based Customization for Enterprises. We work with companies as Partners and Agencies to improve their work management.


How is it priced?

Free for Individuals and 400/- Per employee Per moth pricing for Organizations

No complicated pricing or packages… Get billed for the number of active users every month… Its like increasing the cost by about half a % and potentially increasing the productivity of the organisation by about 20%.

Take a Product Tour here…


Special Offer for Rodinhooders !!! 

50% discount on Enterprise Pricing for a Year – Send us your queries on (pls mention your TRH profile page url)




Increase Productivity – Get Efficient – Unclutter Life – Save Time 






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  1. WOW.

    this is wow material rudra. 

    it makes me cringe at my old-age style of doing 100+ emails a day.

    i think you’ve got a killer idea and the product tour just seals the deal.

    AWESOME NAME btw!!

    thanks so much for the kind rodinhooder special offer. 


  2. thanks a ton Asha… and my pleasure…. look forward to some feedback now… 

  3. Congrats Rudra on the launch!

    Aside from the the features and ability to customize, how do you position yourself against Slack, HipChat et al. and Office 365 in the long term?

  4. Whoa! LOVED the idea and the UX. Just signed up. Will Use and Track. And of course promote!

  5. Signed up

  6. Thanks Rishi…  

    Slack, HipChat and most other products in this category offer only one or max 2 features / methods of working better… WorkApps is building multiple features in one product… One cannot expect employees to login into multiple tools to manage work… which dont even share data between them…

    We already have 7 Apps internally that compete with the rest – Tasks, Discussions, Chat, Projects, Contacts, Comments, Status and more

  7. Can you also give a web view of emails?

  8. thanks a ton Sir… means a lot coming from you…

    Let me know your feedback when you use it a bit… and dont forget there is a 50% discount for Rodinhooders 🙂 

  9. look forward to your feedback Manish

  10. not in the near future Manish… We are building more Apps around Task Sharing and File Management currently 

  11. We have been using Slack, Trello and TeamWork for our ops and communication. 

    How does WorkApps compare to them?


    Tarun Mor

    Founder of

    Easiest way to fine home tutors!

  12. An awesome customer, entrepreneur, Author and more. Perfect Rudrajeet Keep Rocking and wish that you continue video making with us 😉 

     Really happy to hear that you are funded Congrats 🙂

  13. Congratulations!  Rudrajeet and team! 

  14. Hey Tarun… WorkApps is one place where you get all of that and more… 

  15. Rudra, congrats once again! So well done!

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