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Rodinhood tee time! And the September winners are…


Yeah… it’s that time of the month when a few Rodinhooders get rewarded for their uniqueness, for their creativity, for being awesome. But more so, for Thinking and Doing!


For those of you who need a background on the Rodinhood Tees – ‘You’ve got to win it, to wear it’! 



Let’s cut to the chase! Announcing the tee winners of the month –




1. Divyanshu Asopa is one of the most amazing young writers we’ve come across. He has explained radha-krishna’s relationship in the most beautiful way ever.


But he wins the tee for another unsettling post!


2. Richa Vani attended her first Rodinhoods Open House in August, in Mumbai. And this is her winning summary.


3. Kiran Kumar’s Wake Up LinkedIn post is the kind of wow content that makes us so proud.


4. Rochak Sharma – for his interesting conversation with a Meru Cabbie!


5. Wingify’s jawdropping startup story by Siddharth Deswal – read and be inspired.


Yes… there is a surprise of the month! A Special Rodinhood Laptop Skin for a great ASK by Asis Panda.  Thank you Akash Sachdev for the Rodinhood Laptop Skins idea – your creativity has wowed us for which you win a tee as well!




Bangalore Rodinhooders had a rocking Rodinhoods Mixer last month. Puneet Aggarwal wins a tee for the immense effort put in by him for organising the event.




By now you would’ve read some awesome posts on the recent Rodinhoods Open House in Delhi. At the end of the session we were doing our customary group photo ops. The auditorium was a 60 seater – we were some 120 odd people. Getting one great photo of ALL OF US in one go was a challenging task. But suddenly this rodinhooder got up and quickly went click, click, click … took pix of all of us by moving the camera ever so quickly to capture everyone in different frames!


This photo is our reaction to mr click click click who is none other than Gurpartap Singh.




His awesomeness doesn’t end here. This is his goosebumpy story that makes him unique (thank you Gurpreet for sharing):


Gurpartap walked in with his strolley and backpack – airline tags dangling. He sat next to Gurpreet who asked him if he had just flown in to Delhi. Apparently he arrived from B’lore and was on his way to catch a bus to his hometown, Nawanshahar in Punjab (300kms away). And just as he was about to board the bus, he checked his email – he read the Friday Rodinhooders Newsletter that mentioned the Open House. He got down and head for the India Habitat Centre (knowing the next bus was only at 6am – and that he would be 11 hrs late!).


We salute your Rodinhood Spirit Gurpartap! And yes … you win a tee!!




Congrats Winners! Here’s what you gotta do – 


Send an email to therodinhoods Co-ordinator, Manoj – [cc] with your mailing address & phone number and pls mention your tee size – S, M OR L [size reference – Alok wears L ]




You can win one – just like Anamika and many others did last month! Just keep writing, posting, sharing, contributing, commenting, presenting, asking; come up with crazy ideas & innovations and win yourself a Rodinhood Tee!






p.s: Winners, pls send us a pic of you wearing your tee and we’ll create an album on our facebook page! Sounds good?!






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  1. Hey Congrats to all winners!!!! Great selection of articles. Its like having the bets of previous month all together. And yes pls post your pic.. 🙂

  2. Congrats! Punnet..awesome….

  3. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you….. !

  4. Thank you so much!!! 🙂 🙂 

  5. Congratulations to every one 

  6. Congratulations to all the lucky Rodinhooders.. I hope to join the league one day.. 🙂

  7. Thanks – how can i miss this post

  8. Thank you so much Rodinhoods for the tee! 🙂  🙂

    Unlearn. Make mistakes and change the world!

  9. Big thanks…..I am honoured

  10. you’re very welcome rochak!

  11. Thank u so much fr da tee..

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