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Rodinhood Tees!!! And the August winners are…


So we had announced the arrival of the Rocking Rodinhood Tees! And the fact that ‘You’ve got to win it, to wear it’!

Check it out…

And now we have some winners!

I confess, I had a hard time choosing. There are so many awesome posts. And so many awesome reasons for some of you to win a Rodinhood Tee (yeah, we’re gonna keep surprising you!). Each month we shall try to consider some older posts as well. So do not fret if you wrote something (worth a Tee), long long ago!!!



1. Ankur Singla for the inspiring  Akosha story 

2. Vishal Khandelwal’s letter to his daughter that blew us all away (over 6k views!)

3. Anamika Joshi’s straight from the heart motivating piece – what I call perfect “start up literature”!!!

4. Heisme for this wonderful story of his ongoing entrepreneur journey.

5. Rohan Bhansali’s rocking self interview that made us all drool over gozoop’s working environment!!

6. Gurpreet Singh Tikku took us all by surprise. We had no idea he had so many stories tucked inside him…

7. Surprise! Surprise!!! There’s a Special Tee for an award winning comment – Vinay Chhoda’s brilliant contribution to one of the most talked, discussed, debated posts here.



That was about the online winners.

We also gave away a few Tees at the Mumbai Open House last Friday (audience included)!!! 

Everyone knows Vasu! He comes all the way from Coimbatore to attend the Mumbai Open House. Every time! And each time he has a story, a presentation, a surprise! He’s even started a small Rodinhooders of Coimbatore Meet Up already!

Then we had this really Dhinchak presentation by the 21 year old Sanket Bhatt. He won the hearts of everyone present there. And also won himself a Rodinhood Tee!

By now I think almost all of us know the great Vishal Gupta. Vishal had all of us rolling on the floor with his Hostel Finder presentation at the Mumbai Open House in July. He wins a tee for the most entertaining, straight-from-the-heart presentation [check vid #3, 5:07 onwards]. He wasn’t in Mumbai on Friday, so we’ll just ship it to him!


Congrats Winners! Here’s what you gotta do – 

Send an email to therodinhoods Co-ordinator, Manoj – [cc] with your mailing address & phone number and pls mention your tee size – S, M OR L. 

So keep writing, posting, sharing, contributing, commenting, presenting, asking; come up with crazy ideas & innovations and win yourself a Rodinhood Tee – like this one…

 (sorry alok, this tee ain’t exclusively yours anymore!)

– asha 




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  1. wowowowo!!

  2. Awesome.. 🙂

  3. Congrats to all the winners!

    You deserve it. 🙂

  4. Don’t ship my first won tee…….I want this tee from the master’s hand, or even from the editor’s hand gonna work superb fine for me 🙂 🙂 🙂

  5. fantabulous !!  congrats to all winners!!!

  6. That was really a pleasent surprise… Will be there everytime….it might work out tobe a worthwhile investment…i see through to support in mnay ways to the juniors and seek guidance from seniors.

  7. Wow!!! Thank you Asha and Alok. 

    And thank you for the kind words Asha 🙂

  8. you’re very welcome vinay.

    well deserved!

  9. jaise aapki marzi…!

  10. You know na – we have super crazy think tank

  11. Congrats! to all the winners..


    Had my sight on it from the very first day it was unveiled.
    Super Glad that I Have won it……. for my Blog ” The Gift of lessons, My Gifting Company Taught Me”

    The Appreciation I received for the Blog from Fellow Rodinhooders was Touching and the T-shirt is Icing on the cake.

    Thanks Rodinhoods, Thanks Alok Sir, And Special thanks to the Editor Asha.


  13. Congratulations to the Winners!!
    For those who did not get it yet , keep trying, I already HAD it with Me Before it was Announced yet 🙂 As Nithya Said, Find it within Yourself and Stay in the Present, Just trying to follow something for the Betterment!!! It would Come…

  14. wohooooo… waiting eagerly!!!!

  15. Hey I received my TEE :))))))))))) So soon… Loved it! Just that I will make sure to order a Small instead of Medium next time 😉 

    P.S. – Asha – Thanks for suggesting a Medium for me. A LARGE would have made me look like a scare crow 😉

  16. Superb ..Congratulations to all the winners! 🙂

  17. Such a delight it is to wear a RODINHOOD TEE. Thanks a tonne for such a prompt and quick delivery. You left my impatient mind wondering!!!

    Thanks Tarun Jangid for this click!

  18. Miss Rodinhood!!

  19. Hahaahaa… Thanku Gurpreet ji :)))

  20. thanks for posting this anamika!

    it looks great on you!

  21. Thanks a lot Asha :)) 

  22. Thank you guys. Great community here.

  23. rohan…

    feel free to post a pic here once you’ve recd your tee 🙂

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