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Search for an American dream … Make it happen

Hello Rodinhooders,

It’s been really long that I posted anything out here. A journey from Veging which has it’s own history, will certainly share it up, but currently I’m just so much stuck with a personal journey that I wish to disclose someday and probably go back to that journey and restart it again. 

Currently I’m working with Intelenet BPO for a renowned bank, as a Team Coach. I have finally understood what my strengths are and started understanding what I’m best at. After my journey as an entrepreneur and as an advisor for an MNC, a lot has been taught in the last 2 years. The journey where I feel that a lot has changed in me and taught me as when to say what and what to do when. I made my part of mistakes lost a few many good friends, will certainly make up someday for it. 

I wish to now move to a different world and learn more experience and also get another chance to bring back the entrepreneur in me. I want a chance in North America or Europe. I’m in desperate hunt for a job opening in those continents, an opportunity where I seek to use my experience and learnings in Customer services, Kitchen set-up and food, Human Resource Management, Finance, Banking, and a start-up looking for a person who has a never give up attitude.

I have learnt quite a few roles while starting up, human management, employee connection and customer services were the most important ones for me. I have also had a lot of opportunities at my current work place to show my skills of customer services and team support.

Why I want to move out of a country that is starting up itself under the new government, well its a major personal and a minor professional decision which I wish to make looking at my current scenarios personally. 

My partner works in Accenture, Austin and I’m eagerly trying to get an opportunity to move closer to her so as we can be together. This I would say is a really major reason as why I wish to move out of the country. Also we both are looking to settle down together. 

I also want to learn what differences that we have from them and vice versa, and gain that experience and apply it in my future roles.

Thus I look for your help to give me a chance to learn and earn and grow and get an opportunity in Europe or North America. I’m looking at a long term stay and gain experience and grow in a start-up or any other setup who is ready to give me a chance.

About Me:

A college drop-out, a Food creator, Tech opportunist and learner, peoples man, a big mouth spoken guy who can’t stop talking ever. I do like putting my views and try to change and I feel a start-up or an early set up is where we can grow and be a crack-a-lacking team.

So if you have any opportunities and a chance for a raw person who can be mended, blended in any space as I’m always hungry to learn and grow. 

You can contact me any time on +91-9699-246-444 or mail me on

And in the end I would say being a Gujarati, I love experiences more than money and for me moving will be an all together different experience and to-get-her I wish to move and do anything and everything .. so buzz me soon

*Offer Valid till stock lasts 🙂 


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  1. How much money you can or willing to invest to chase the american dream?

  2. Well Chandrashekhar Sir,

    I’m ready to invest all the expenses to get the job, which includes the visa, tickets and any other requirements to get the job. Though I won’t deny that I’m speaking to multiple people and at TRH I feel the opportunity is always there, and thus I’m here.

    So if you have anyone or any plans in the States for a person like me. I’m willing to bear the costs of getting the job.

  3. Thanks for the information. Hope you are aware of fresh H1B filing that has a dead line of April 1st. 

    I will check from my sources if I could help you in other way. Wish you all the best

  4. Yes that’s true, There is also another visa that is H2-B, where I can work for a particular company and it neither has a cap nor a deadline. the H1B visa could be applied for in the future as well. 

    Thank you for your help Chandrasekar 

  5. Best Wishes!! Keep Chasing you will get what you pursuit..!! 

  6. Karan – get real. This sounds like a post to Santa Claus – not an application to actually get to the US

    Question – WHY USA?

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