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Soda Machine or Coke/Pepsi

Dear Rodinhooders,

As Veging has finalized a location in Mumbai suburbs (can’t disclose as it is in finalization stage). Now I’m in a dilemma as to whether I should buy a soda machine which a lot of Mumbaikars and others would have seen in Mumbai, or should I go with the well known brands. The location is kind of Middle and Upper Middle class locality. But yet people love to eat at lower cost than paying a higher price for the same product.

Coke / Pepsi will cost me around Rs. 28 (for 600 ml bottle) or I can keep cans of 250ml which will cost approx Rs. 17 – 18.

Where as a Soda machine will cost me Rs. 50,000 (for a 4 to 6 nozzle) depends on the brand. While the selling price from the machine will be Rs. 10 for a 200 ml glass

Now I’m a bit confused as I don’t want to degrade my brand, but also I want people to connect with us quickly. The big brands may not give higher margins, but will give a bit of standard to the brand, while it may also give higher sales. 

But the Soda machine is a higher volume and turnover generator, due to its lower selling price and higher margins. The machine is for the mass sale as compared to Coke/Pepsi.

Guys please help as to what should I buy.

Thanking You,


Karan Pandhi

Founder  @VrVeging

T : +91-9699-246-444

Tweet me @Karanp17


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  1. Hi Karan as you have posted this in this forum I presume you are an entrepreneur and not the run of mill kind of business owner and therefore I can dare to suggest a little different and innovative approach. As per the common wisdom if you want to be in competition with others go for either Pepsi/ Coke/ Soda Machine each will have its merits and demerits. What I am proposing is a bit different and may become USP for your food joint. 

    I belong to Konkan where you get lots of nice fruit based drinks such as Raw Mango Sharbat, Kokum Sharbat, Karonda Sharbat, Cashew squash, coconut water and many more such natural drinks. Not only they are good and addictive in taste but they are also good for health. If you could introduce these and other many fruit based drinks blended with soda fountain ( Yes I have tried mixing these drinks with Soda and they give amazing taste and satisfaction ) and promote ‘Drink healthy’, kind of concept, you would be identified as different and championing the cause of health of your customers. If you are interested to know more drop a line at me(at)mandarjoshi(dot)com or call me at 98908 17339 and I will be happy to assist.

    My two cents  

  2. Mandar Sir,

    Thank you for your views, we are already keeping Kokam, Saunf, Lemon and Coconut water under a tab called ‘Freshistas’. Thus we have already kept the healthy point in mind and we that’s why are asking as the kids nearby colleges like soda from the machines than coke or pepsi.

    Due to Indian mentality ‘Sasta hai’

  3. Between pub soda machine / coke soda machine / pepsi soda machine – Go for pub soda machine.

    Not many people ask for coke or pepsi in styrofoam cups they prefer bottle 250ml, there was crazy of fountain pepsi earlier but now no one goes for it.

    I personally only like natural variants of lemon, kala khatta and ginger from pub soda machine, because all the other flavours are artificial and too strong in taste.

    Best lethal combo is to keep 1 pub soda machine + 1 coke fridge for coke bottles + 1 horizontal freezer for ice-creams

  4. Thank you Vivek and Arun

    Arun we will look into keeping the machine and Coke, but we only wish to keep one of those since to create less chaos. Though I wish to keep both but I can’t due to a strict budget. 

  5. Nice suggestions!

    Offering healthy drinks in place of regular Pepsi or sodas may lower the revenue in the shorter period, but it will enhance your brand image in the long run.Not to mention that these drinks could become a huge selling point in themselves. With the kind of offerings you mentioned in the ‘Freshistas’, maybe you can do away with the lure of the ‘convenient low-risk,low-return’ options like soft drinks. Not to mention, you could devote more time to the unique products that only you offer rather than be known as ‘another place with coke/Soda pub’

  6. Thanks Smit,

    But no matter what we do need to keep beverages, since people do wish to have them. Thus I asked as to which one of the would be much helpful and better.

    Thanks for your views also.

  7. Karan, my sugeestion is togo with Mandar’s idea. Its good , healthy and innovative. Moreover , these Coke/Pepsi walas give money to Models / Advt Agencies and not to Retailrs . They give peanuts to Retailrs. Boycott MNC Colas ….Go for Soda and Bharathiya Flavours

  8. Kiran bhai,

    Thank you so much for your views, and yes that’s what I want Veging to be a Bharatiya brand, lets pray that I can keep it that way for a long time. 

    Thanks once again.

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