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How to write a post that can get you – THE RODINSTAR POST OF THE WEEK!

Hey fellows, so I see that my previous post  ” From just Thinker to Thinker + Doer ” could only manage to get 59 views and 2 comments since it was published however on the other hand, I was reading posts which were getting hundreds of views and then I started thinking, what needs to be done, to be viewed.

It was my first post, making this one the second, so no, I was not hoping it to be super duper hit. Moreover it is also not everyone would connect to, I think, but still I was expecting it to have more views.

So here I am.

A. Trying to get viewed.
B. If (A==1) { You get the formula of getting viewed }



Lets start

1. Think of a catchy title like this 😉

Well yes. Till you can manage to get the visitor to actually read what you have in your post, there is no way anyone is going to ever know what you have in your article. So yeah, you need a catchy title.

2. Retain the visitor

Now that I have your attention (Like you are going to have attention of your visitor’s) make sure you don’t put them to sleep.

Well yeah. This happens when there is just text and no images. So make sure, you have enough images in your article so that before your reader is about to abandon your page without reading, s/he have an idea on what they are going to be missing upon.

3. Audience is everything

I am pretty sure you all connect to this, and with a very good understanding and sipping your coffee, you are nodding “yes” while reading this but do we actually go an extra mile to make sure that the Audience know that they are everything for us.

Now what does this mean. Well, the way internet is growing I really love it, but the actual knowledge about the stuff is still very limited. Anything that people read online, they think it must be 100% correct and written by someone with deep knowledge about the content. Make sure you convey that to the reader and you just earned yourself a genuine reader.

So this could also mean, be genuine.

4. Read Read and Re-read

No one is perfect, but when someone is reading an article, they hate it when they find mistakes. These could be spell, grammar,formatting or anything. All these can take away the interest of the reader. Make sure you proof-read it as many times as you can.

5. Have Faith. People Talk.

I would say, if you have followed all that I mentioned above, sit tight, like I am doing right now.
a. Wait for the moderator to approve the post.
b. Lets see how you performed 😀

Note : Do leave a feedback so I can improve on this in my next posts. Thanks for reading 😀


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  1. hi vishal,

    i think the most imp point would be write something that resonates well with everyone else. in today’s world where everyone consumes hundreds of pages of content every single day, if you’re not RELEVANT you’re not read! simple.

    ps: if you’d like your previous post to get more eyeballs, you might want to correct the link you’ve provided. coz it ain’t taking me anywhere!!


  2. Hello Ma’am, 

    Thank you for approving the post/discussion. I would like to think that not every post that comes on the forum is approved so, thank you for that.

    As far as about being relevant. Totally AGREE with you on that. I see that I have missed out on highlighting this part. Should have been there in the 2nd point shifting all others down. I’m gonna send you my posts in advance now to help me get them better. 😀

    This is a start. That’s all that I am happy about. Took me less time to get this one up than my previous one. Not counting all those which got scratched down ever since I am on TRH and wanted to post them. The posts are gonna get better with experience and the feedback from you all.

    PS : The link to the previous post corrected. 

    PPS : Thinker + Doer in progress 🙂

    PPPS : Thank you for the feedback as well.

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