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Struggle of a Chicken Entrepreneur. (Updated on Jan 14, 14)

Dear Rodins, 

I like to call myself a Chicken Entrepreneur. This is because I feel that the difference lies in ‘staying there’ with your startup in most crunch situations and not chicken out. 

Our Startup just completed four years. Feels Great, was naive (still am) and had practically zero money with me when I came to Bombay 4 years ago. Some really good People supported us by giving their offices, funds, free services, mentorship and lotsa warmth to start InOpen.

I owe a lot to them. However, We had plenty of passion and belief for Ourselves. That did the trick. This has been most important learning of my life till today; Businesses can be built on faith on Belief. Other stuffs follow. In this pic, I am at first client’s place. 

I got started in my college I didn’t knew that a word called ‘startup’ existed (honestly) and till date I get spelling of ‘entrepreneurship’ wrong. Thanks to Auto correct. No we are on way to become a multi geography Company. 

I have tried to share some thoughts over a presentation which will help the so called chicken Entrepreneurs (like me) to sustain their startup. Please share yours

Here it is

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Stay Calm, Move On.



CONGRATS RUPESH! InOpen got acquired by Next Education!



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  1. Lovely.

    Your story sounds so different from the many stories I read on this site – it’s more subtle, and refined, and mature. You conveyed a lot in few words – a talent very few people have.

    I hate ppts. They are childish and almost always reek of immaturity. Your’s is definitely an exception.

    Would love to know more about your start-up journey 🙂

  2. WOW Rupesh !!! Excellent synthesis of chicken’s journey right from the egg 🙂 love your insights and they are coming my way when I am working on my start up !!!! Thanks for sharing and yes keep on sharing on this forum 

  3. Awesome :):)
    That assume –> ass-u-me is Epic 😀 . I assume a lot and 90% of em dont work at all!!
    Great PPT & All the best for InOpen!!

  4. Thanks Nishant. I am living my startup journey every day. Its challenging but thats the whole fun. Rupesh

  5. Thanks Mandar ! am glad you liked it. Its an amateurish ppt. Was away from Rodinhood for a while due to schedule. Glad to see the progress which this group has made. Alok and Team is doing a wonderful job. 

  6. Thanks Venkatesh

    People Ass-u-me and then conclude on those assumptions. See it happen everyday. Taking an outside view is really really imp. We all need to stop assuming on critical stuffs. If at all something has to be assumed, it has be ones grit, passion and belief. 


  7. It was a delight going through your ppt.. amazing and best wishes!!

  8. Interesting insights! Good luck!!!

  9. Very well put Rupesh. A pleasure to read.

  10. I really like the logo 🙂 very well conceived.

  11. Thanks Venkat ! I am glad you liked it. A lit bit crude though

  12. Thanks Anamika ! I am glad you liked it

  13. Appreciate your comments

  14. Thanks so much Amit. I am glad you liked it

  15. Thanks. Done at the initial days. A new version can be seen at

  16. Very nice, Rupesh. Refreshing and inspiring. Good luck with all your endeavours. 

  17. rupesh,

    every weekend i religiously go through our archives to re-share some gems over social media. 

    i’ve re-shared your story a couple of times. will do so today once again.

    would love for you to update us on your journey…!

    stay in touch #ChickenEntrepreneur!!!

  18. rupesh….!


    reaching out to you over chat right NOW!!!!

  19. Hi Rupesh — Great post + takeaways, and congrats on the funding round.

  20. Remembered “Chicken Entrepreneur” on seeing this post 🙂 

  21. Hey Asha ! 

    Have Updated the presentation. 

    Here is the link. Let me know if its interesting

    Also there are few on my blog:

    Happy Rodinhood-giri 🙂

  22. awesome rupesh! pls update your post by embedding the new ppt for all of us. thanks!!

  23. whats the update?

  24. The slides.
    I am so glad and happy to see the Rodinhood’s portal buzzing with participation.

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