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Would you like to become an enTRIPreneur?

During all these years I have been a real indecisive person. I cannot choose between clothes while shopping, dishes while ordering or even movies when willing to watch one.

So I formulated a thing in life that even when you don’t know what you want, you should always know what you don’t want and started using it everywhere. It was an easy thing to do. Black or red – I have a lot of blacks so I should rather not take one more. Pasta or paneer – last week I had a pasta so not again. And so on.

But then somehow I met these people in life and we came up with the idea of enTRIPreneur. We worked on it, conceptualised, improved and did everything that was needed and while we were doing all that, I realised one big thing.

I realised that enTRIPreneur is something that I want to do. It wasn’t the last option left but rather a choice that I really wanted to work upon. It was just like one of those days that I knew that I wanted to eat butter chicken and I went to the best place in town to have that.

And then some more thought into it made me realise the why as well. There are a few things in life that I just love. Big time. I love variety and newness, I live to travel and love to write. I am mad about meeting new people and when the conversations in the room hit the level of ultra-crazy-genius, that’s what excites me the most. I have a thing for hills and water bodies and I can really not stop thinking about what amazing idea will I be working on next.

enTRIPreneur is a package of all these things to me. And that’s why I love it and want to work on it. Sitting with my partners on this venture, Rachna, Anuj & Jahnvi, talking about enTRIPreneur for the first time, we knew it then and there that we were peas of the same pod; we are so passionate about travelling and starting this new venture, we fit in just perfectly.

enTRIPreneur is curating trips for entrepreneurs, providing them with an opportunity to travel and connect with their own kind at the same time. The trip is a four day long journey full of adventure, fun, creative sessions, community connect and a lot more. By the end of this journey, you may find a new partner, a new employee, or just a mentor but one thing is for sure, you will go home with a bunch of friends.

Just think about it, we will be taking more than a dozen passionate geniuses and letting them be together at a location that hardly anybody has ever heard of before. It’s like the perfect laboratory for the one of its kind nuke of ideas. And on top of that some adrenaline gushing activities.

I’m sure that these entrepreneurs must be meeting a lot of people throughout the year but doing so at an offbeat, outlandish location with no pressures of the busy schedules, it can prove to be one of the best experiences that they gain over life time.

And this is not it. Apart from all the fun and adventure, entrepreneurs will actually get to travel and not just visit a place. They will get to connect with the locals and have an understanding of different ideologies and cultures. This congregation of such innovative and creative minds will definitely result in the culmination of ideas, conversations and infinite excellence.

As I said earlier, this is the butter chicken that I want to have today and I love chicken and I can eat it everyday. To apply for this exclusive entrepreneurial trip, submit your entries at

You can find out more about enTRIPreneur at
Or catch us on Twitter @entripreneur_in @SwapnilS_ @KonnectAnuj @RachnaGhiya @LucidDream_err


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  1. hey swapnil, 

    i love the name – it’s a superb idea – many entrepreneurs don’t take a break and everyone needs a break or else they will break and burn out 🙂

    the vid is nice – makes me want to join right now 🙂

    where do you plan to go in these 4 days?

    also, have you planned anything as in an informal agenda you could share?

    (how different will you be from jagruti yatra?)

    what if you get way more applications than 15 numbers?

    will you be doing this more often? 

    good luck – do blog about this later on!!!

  2. Hey Hi Asha,

    Exactly that’s our point. Ek break to banta hai  🙂

    We would love to have you and Alok both on the trip with us. Take a break… We all will take care of TRH for 4 days.

    We will be visiting a secluded place in Uttarakhand, exact place to be revealed only after the selections.

    We have planned a complete itinerary for the trip. Here are some highlights of the trip, it’s gonna be as interesting as the video we posted –

    – Offbeat location with a spectacular view of the Doon valley.
    – Beautiful & cosy cottages.
    – Adrenalin pumping activities – Rappelling, Rafting, Duckie Ride, Bridge Slithering.
    – Stroll through picturesque view to the Sunrise Point.
    – Adventurous Trekking Experience.
    – Outdoor Camping (including camp building).
    – Riverside lunch with local dishes.
    – First-Hand Interaction with Village Community.
    – Bonfire Entrepreneurial Tales with Chilling Beer.
    – Problem Solving Bar-be-Que Gala Dinner.

    We launched the application on May 22 and we have already received 232 applications so far, aim is to reach 1000 applications atleast so that we can take the best lot of entrepreneurs to the trip and we have also designed our form in such a way that it helps us in shortlisting the candidates. You must fill it to take a glimpse of all the hard work we have done. 🙂

    Yes, We aim to do it more often as we are loving the response we are getting from all the corners of the country.

    Aaaaaaah!! That was probably the longest answer I have written in my life. 🙂

  3. OMG – THAT SOUNDS SO COOOOOL!! just add the highlights in your post naa?

    i’m so tempted to come – my family will disown me if i ditch them coz even when we go for a holiday – i work 4-6 hrs :((((

    i really wouldn’t want to be the person sifting through those applications 🙁

  4. Nice Initiative… please let me know if you need any help to promote this… will be happy to do that…

  5. I will certainly add more details to my post.
    We would love for you to be a part of the trip. If not this time then the next trip maybe.

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