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Why do brands do this on Facebook?

You are walking on the high street, a shop keeper puts an ‘Offer’ sign on the display. You walk in interested but he says you should write a good comment in his Guest Book first and only then he would tell you more about the offer. Sounds ridiculous? It is. Then why do brands force you to ‘LIKE’ them on Facebook?



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  1. Kiran


    Primarily since, we do not provide enough information on a Facebook page and for some reason (partly privacy) you are somehow not allowed to ‘window shop’.



  2. Please show us an example. Sound very rude on their part to do such a thing !

  3. Hi Kiran

    You are comparing the ‘likes’ on facebook with guest books which may not be correct… you have see ‘likes’ as a subscription more like a shopping or a membership cards and then suddenly it starts to make sense, right?

    I mean for brands it is absolutely all right to offer somethings only for their members instead of offering the same to everybody. By ‘liking’, I only acknowledge being the member of such program and avail benefits.





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