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Why I love football more than any sport – Adhyay Pehla

Hi Rodinhooders,

As a kid, though I was and I’m fat, I always love playing football than any other sport.

As its Football, if you haven’t seen or played, you should, here are my views why I love it, and why you should play it

1. It’s a not about one, but about the team :

You may be the best, still you need people to make you the best, time is just like the ball, it always move faster than you, so you got to pass, and move ahead of the ball to score the goal.

You can’t be where you are without a team, if you want to rise, you have to take support, give support, sometimes pass an opportunity, rise slowly and strongly.


2. There is only one boss (The Gaffer):

As said, there is only one boss, he runs the show, he decides who he substitutes, whom he keeps on the bench, whom he should use the max, who should just enjoy watching the match, or who should walk out of the club. 

In the same way the entrepreneur decides whom he wants, whom he throws out, and he should always be at the driving seat.

3. It’s not only about scoring, but about saving:

We all read and applaud the goal scorer, but how many know those who defend, who stop the goal from happening, sadden the faces of the crowd and possible scorer. A moment to capture or let it slip, penalties, free kicks, corners, attacking forwards, a goal keeper bares it all, he is the beast you have to go pass to get that glorious goal.

In the same way, we need to be defensive in decisions, it might offend others, but you know what is best for you, it’s not always about doing everything that people want, its you who decides what you want. It also means you have to be the beast before anyone harms you or your company, take the matters in your hands before you loose the opportunity.

4. One down, the whole team goes down:

As you would have seen an injury is a big blow in the game, or even the Red card, these are the vicious events which happen in football regularly, a player injured sets back the whole team if he is a star, then the morale goes crumbling down. And if its a clash of the titans, then a war is bound to happen.

If you fall down, or any member of the team, always keep a substitute in hand, you never know when you might have to put him forth on the D-day. don’t let the morale down, if you miss out on something, always remember the next opportunity is waiting for you someday, so be calm.

5. It’s always the name at the front that is more important than the name at the back:

If you have watched the movie GOAL, then you would have heard these words. It’s always about the club first, then the team, then you. 

It’s always about the company first, then the reason for the company was built, then the team you work with, and then it’s all about you. 

The success comes, with dedication, loyalty, and focus. Want to learn more, watch this for the next 2 hours, a lot to learn GOAL, The Dream Begins

P.S. : I’m a Manchester United Fan.

so let me know when you score 



Thank you for reading it. Will be adding the Adhyay Dusra, in a few weeks 🙂


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  1. karan,

    i had to read your name twice to make sure it was you!!

    so proud of you. what an interesting post!! do keep at it!

  2. Thank You Asha Mam,

    Will surely try to keep going ahead with it 🙂 

    i had to read your name twice to make sure it was you!!”, these words just made me so glad, thank you mam 🙂 

    I’m honored 

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