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Your own Relationship Cartoon

This is not a post, just a cartoon of YOUR Relationships 😉

There has been lot of cartoons floating around on Social Networks lately; like Bill, Elon and many more to get your attention.

Here is one more but it’s all about you and how you interact. People interact across various platforms emails, Calls, SMS, Social feeds. Close to 90% of the digital data was created last year!

Let your friends know how you interact the most. What other way than sharing your own cartoon. 

Yes, I do interact a lot over emails. See how you interact:


ADDED BY EDITOR: Adding your email id in the cartoon form is OPTIONAL. 




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1 Comment

  1. hi sudip,

    while i’m a huge fan of your articles – i didn’t really get this one. 

    i guess my sense of humour sucks 🙁

    ps: i’ve added a note saying adding your email id in the cartoon form is optional – can’t have rodinhooders complaining about a surge of emails coming from relatas 🙂

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