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Advice / Suggestions for revenue model is a real estate portal in property listing space (competitors are magicbricks, 99acres and others). We have showcased ourselves on TRH. We are also looking for optimum funding.

Our USP is sub-locality information in detail provided in simple, convenient & defined way which equips prospects to take informed decision for the desired property. We have covered almost 135 sub-localities and intend to cover another 200-250 of MMR. Total sub-localities will be 350-400 for Mumbai, Thane, New Mumbai & around.

We may also be the first one to enlist real estate service providers like lawyers, stamp duty/registration agents, valuers, loan agents (DSA), property tax consultant and others under one roof.

Our aim: To provide all information regarding property acquisition for prospects under one roof.

Revenue: is from the property brokers/agents, builders/developers, banks/institutions.NBFCs, property service providers (as mentioned) in the form of property listings, banners for projects, property loan leads and others.  

We are providing different packages for the same >  

Property prospects can register free at our site.

(Buyers >,

Renting > &

Investing >

Our revenue model strategy: We intend to enlist at least 5 brokers per sub-locality and 1 builders per 3/4 sub-localities.

We are providing 25 free property listings for first 2 months OR first option offer of 6 months package (75 property listings / 6 months) at 3 months package (50 listings / 3 months) pricing.

Please remember we are also generating content for the portal in the form of listings.

(Sample of property listed > Home page > Locate Your Property > Locality (Option) > Andheri East: Station vicinity > Search > Property List Icon > Property to Sell /Rent > Purpose option (To Sell) > Available type of property (1 BHK/2 BHK) > Submit > View at # column > individual property details with sms box)


Questions / Advice / Suggestions:

  • Is the revenue model alright to start with?
  • Intend to send sales personnel to clients as offline strategy?
  • Intend to send emails /sms to clients (data present) as online strategy?
  • Should we conduct seminars for brokers/agents to improve relations? Topics for seminars/workshops?
  • Should develop mobile application for brokers to improve their working (professionalize) & networking?
  • Should start LeJagah WhatsApp group of clients?
  • Should we use google Ads / FB Ads /Twitter Ads to promote We are already have FB / Twitter & Linkedin a/cs.
  • Any others

Your feedback would be crucial….

Our social contacts : FB, Twitter & LinkedIn

We are also looking out for team mates for field executive (sales & marketing). Please send resumes at or contact 9702675975 – Mumbai.



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  1. Oh boy… yet another property site? What’s your uniqueness amidst the 100’s who exist?

    Ok, at least what’s different between you and the top 5?

  2. Alok, we are approaching the real estate sector at sub-locality level in simple, convenient and defined way. You would find all the parameters and more of the desired locality (e.g J B Nagar, Andheri East & Cuff Parade, Colaba).  We have covered 125+ localities of MMR. Apart from this we are enlisting the property service providers like agents, lawyers, loan agents, architects, valuers, stamp duty & registration agents, property tax consultants and others under one roof. 

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