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Mystical Bundle- Glorifying celebrations by delivering premium cakes across Delhi/NCR.

Hello Rodinhooders,


I hereby introduce my brand Mystical Bundle.




We are an online cake store delivering premium cakes across Delhi/NCR.




We come with a vision to glorify celebrations by offering Midnight delivery(12 AM) to our consumers. Worried about calorie intake? We should be launching our Fully Raw Organic cakes real soon.


Unlike any other online cake store, Mystical Bundle has its own kitchen located in South Delhi. (Luckily, we don’t source cakes from your nearby bakery) Everything is fresh and baked to perfection. Our team is working hard each day to make cake delivery process personalized & enjoyable for our consumers.


Also, we are encouraging our consumers to adopt plant gifting culturem2 by sending out seeds along with the seedling cups on each order.



Let me bore you with a short story here!


We are a self-taught baker duo based out of Delhi. When I was a child I used to eagerly help my mom baking cakes & cookies at home for family get-togethers and new year’s eve. However I did not know that I could actually make it my profession because as per me, MEN were not meant for kitchen.


So, I took a corporate job in Gurgaon and started working 9-6 and now my life used to revolve around a laptop,office locker, suffocating formal attire, very obvious sutta breaks and office cabs. (I literally couldn’t imagine my life beyond that).


One amazing day I met Karishma Pursnani (Co-founder) in my office cab and I could hear her taking orders over the phone for the next day. (She also used to home-bake while working)


I couldn’t resist pitching my idea in front of her of taking this entire thing online, she counted on me and my plan and that’s how Mystical Bundle came into existence.


It’s been 8 months now and we doing fantastic! Our hobby is baking not digging holes in our consumer’s pocket so people can expect value for money. 


You can visit us at


Facebook:  Instagram: mystical_bundle


All Rodinhooders get 15% off on their total order using coupon code: TRH15


Eagerly looking forward to your Feedback/Suggestions/Guidance.




Anant Singh


Twitter: @trancefrlife





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  1. hey anant,

    there are a lot of things i really like about your story – the fact that you baked in the kitchen with your mom;

    how u met your co-founder (you should share your story here –

    and the fact that you promote plant gifting culture!! that’s so awesome!!

    you should check out divyanshu’s plantable paper

    also, rodinhooder ashish (based in a’bad) has a cake delivery service and is very helpful in case you need to reach out to him for any queries about delivery etc

    okay – so coming to your venture. i quite like what i saw on the website. will definitely order when i’m in delhi next (thanks for the rodinhooder special discount!!)

    i’m not too sure about the name mystical bundle – it doesn’t say cakes to me. but let’s get some feedback from others. 

    youngsters love the idea of midnight deliveries (people in their 20s are youngsters for me!) – so that’s a brownie to you (pun intended!)

    while i like some of the stuff you’ve got on the site – when everything fails, bake a cake :)))

    ‘people disappoint. cake is eternal’ didn’t make any sense to me. perhaps you meant “cake doesn’t” or “cake fixes everything.” ??

    ps: what’s a raw organic cake?

  2. Hey Asha, 

    Thank you for going through the entire article.

    ‘People disappoint, Cake is eternal’ by this we mean that People come & they leave, however you can always order a cake. Cake is Immortal. 

    Full raw organic cakes are entirely made of fruit pulp & are No bake Cakes. So they do not have sugar, artificial colour, flour or any dairy product. Let’s call them ‘Guilt free cakes’  :p

    Let me know whenever you are here in Delhi. We would love to bake for you.



  3. Anant, 

    First of All congratulations for your new journey… The best thing about these services is you always stay happy and you are required to be…

    I am happy to learn that you have your own bakery (mfg set up).. It gives you more freedom and margins surely. Although we do’t have our own kitchen, we get almost every cake freshly baked from the branded bakers.. We built on this concept only. Customers can select the baker of their choice.

    Always feel free to get in touch for any help in Ahmedabad..

    Wish You All The Best, Ashish

  4. Hey Ashish,

    Good luck! Also, Let us know if we can be of any help in Delhi. 

    Cheers! Anant

  5. Thanks Buddy..

    Yes, You can always be, by being on After all its for Best Bakers in town.

  6. Hey Anant,

    Good to read your story, and excellent startup idea. When you have your own manufacturing, it gives you more freedom, but at the same time, you have to maintain that quality. We at always make sure that quality products are delivered and cakes and flowers are always fresh. We get few inquiries from our existing customers that if we can deliver at other cities, but due to quality and service problem, we have restricted ourselves to few cities where we have good tie up and quality supplier. We would love to talk to you about Delhi/NCR cake deliveries where my existing customers can get the same quality of products or services and it helps both of us. Win – Win for all of us. Please get in touch if you are interested in taking this further. 

    Thanks & Keep Rocking! 

  7. Hey Kaushal,

    We can definitely take care of your deliveries across Delhi/NCR. You connect for a quick call at 8800968788 and take things further. 🙂



  8. Congratulations on your venture. Nice to know that you bake the cake in your own kitchen so, that only fresh cakes are delivered.

    I operate a startup, which is about venue booking for events in Mumbai and wish you the best. 

  9. Hi Anant,

    Nice story , wish you & Karishma all the best.

    One small remark, i was checking this link and it says availability: In Stock, only 9 left

    I was guessing, you would be making based on order. So won’t the “9 left” confuse potential customers ?

    how does this work ?



  10. Hi Raja, 

    Thank you for your wishes.

    You are right we work on Order basis. I appreciate you informing us about the error, our tech team just fixed it. 



  11. Who is the girl in the pic?

    Apparently she was thrilled to see herself getting promoted!

    Question – when do you come to South Mumbai?!!!

  12. Hahaha, 

    She is a blogger from Delhi and she was quite happy to see herself on this forum. (It’s no Surprise)

    We’ll be in South Mumbai as soon as we have enough finances to be there. haha

    Let me know when you have any event in Delhi. Would like to organize a cake cutting ceremony for Rodinhood. 

    Cheers! 🙂

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