I’ve started up. Thank you all.

Hi Guys, This is not a very long post. I joined this community long back and I suspect I might be one of the very initial members who signed up. Never...Read More

TheRodinhoods – Where Hope Is Given Wings

Do it, I told myself. You’ve been following the site for a long time. Go on, do it.   With that, I wrote my first article for TheRodinhoods. I wa...Read More

TheRodinhoods – The light when the future looks dark…

It’s the journey and not the destination which shapes up who we become in life. Exactly 3 years back I left my job at KPMG, and started my journ...Read More

How I met Rashmi Bansal through TheRodinhoods

One fine day, I wrote a book, Seven Conversations.  Another fine day, I posted a long rant on TRH forum. This was read by fellow rodinhooder Imran Pat...Read More

Thank you TRHS – we got an insane response!

Hey Asha, I can’t thank TRHS enough for the platform it has provided us. Post showcasing our concept of Tête-à-Rent (re-branded now to Duffl www...Read More

My Dream Store raises funding – an idea first pitched at TRHS ChaiMeet in Hyderabad!

Awarded the “RodinStar” Post  of the week!! It’s exactly a year ago, that I came across this post. I had not attended any such meetups for...Read More

And the journey begins

My problem is, I spend too much time to think the pros and cons – to analyze whether what I am doing is right or wrong. I knew that I wanted to ...Read More

The Rodinhood Firehose

Last week, we showcased Fin10 – India’s first Personal Finance course via Email. On Saturday, Alok shared a link to Fin10 on his Fb page&#...Read More

Mentors and Breakuphelpline

This is Ankit Anubhav here. I founded a website called www.breakuphelpline.com. We are a website that helps people get over their Ex.  Its been almost...Read More

How we got Our First client

Few months back one of my contact had introduced me to Rodinhood Forum. at first sight I wasn’t very much impressed to be very frank. but soon I...Read More

TheRodinhoods -The Google of Entrepreneurship

            I still remember the day when I wrote to Alok sir seeking his views and inputs for my Research Project on Entrepreneurship & Start-up ...Read More

Thanks to TRHS; FINQA is born!!!

Thanks a zillion to the cup that was full to the brim, it helped me find a co-founder for my venture. The TRHS community has truly been worth what it ...Read More

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