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How I found the best people to work with on TheRodinhoods!

I am a serial entrepreneur and have been working in the tech and digital space for the last decade or so. Throughout my journey I have always looked out for people and agencies who have in depth expertise in specific fields.  Thanks to connectivity and technology, working remotely has become much easier and a boon for startups. Instead of hiring resources for each skill and expertise, startups can now easily outsource their work to Subject Matter Experts and get high quality work done in lesser cost and time.

I am a living example of how One can find some of the best people to work with on TRH. 

Hariharan and BrandLoveVideos

I have been a B2B entrepreneur for a larger part of my life and ventured in B2C businesses about a year back. One of the first things I was looking for was to make a Explainer Video for my first product. I saw a post from Hari on TRH and wrote to him directly. That was almost a year back and today I can say BLV is our Official Video Agency. With over 3 videos already made and few coming up soon, the work done by BLV is of high quality, on time delivery and right cost for Startups. 

And the best part… BLV is based in Tiruppur and I am in Pune and we have NEVER met.

Some work done by BLV for us…


Yatin Mulay and Ability Designs 

This man needs very little introduction on TRH. But even then… ASK RODINHOODERS is definitely a place where you can find answers to just about anything and such was the case with me also. I ASKED ABEY JOHN on somebody who could help me with SEO and SEM and instantly came the name Yatin Mulay. What I needed was not just skill and expertise, but someone who could teach us, help us understand the world of search and guide us beyond just billing us. And I can safely say we have found that with Yatin.

And the best part… Yatin and I have NEVER met. 

Fanny Nathaniel

Fanny came as an intro from Yatin. Chain reactions work well in real life for startups. Facebook advertising is an ocean in itself and for someone like me who is building a Vertical Social Network on movies (moviebuddy) it was very crucial to know about it. And came Fanny for the rescue. Her in depth knowledge on everything related to facebook not only is helping me spend every penny wisely, but also helping me come up with the correct Social Media Strategy.

And the best part… Fanny is based in Pondicherry and we have NEVER met. 

Thanks to TRH I found some awesome Subject Matter Experts to work with for my startups… 

Feel free to ASK ME anything about starting up HERE!



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  1. niiiice. so our ASK pages work :)))

    interesting thing is that abey, yatin, fanny also work on nirogam – puneet’s ayurveda company – puneet is based in b’lore. but am sure you’ve met him at one of the open houses in mumbai as well.

    i hadn’t met abey in the longest time ever – but when i went to pondicherry on a holiday i made sure we caught up! 

    and my story of meeting yatin is posted on trh 🙂 he is something!

    The highlight of my Mumbai visit wasn’t the amazing amazing OH. It was the opportunity to finally meet Yatin Mulay, one of our earliest members who has been contributing to the site in his own geeky way :).  He lives in Mulund (east). He has been wheelchair bound for the last 10 years owing to a medical accident. In fact, that is the very reason he was forced to change his profession – he has been an internet marketing dude for some years now, the guy who will tell you everything you should do for seo, analytics, etc etc etc. To describe him in two words – he is a geek giver.

    He showed me his geek-space. And his lovely balcony full of green plants that is the window to the world for him. He only leaves his house for a visit to the doc. But you know something… he shared a secret with me. He’s bought a new pair of shoes (his first in last 10 years) TO WEAR AT OUR NEXT OPEN HOUSE!! With child-like excitement he told me this. And this will be the highlight of my next visit to Mumbai.

    As I walked out of Yatin’s building, I heard him call out to me from his balcony. I looked up and there he was, waving at me from the 5th floor.

    This visit made me realize what we are truly building here. A community of rodinhooders… struggling entrepreneurs who mean so much to each other. Who can depend on each other for startup advice. Who are committed to improve each other’s ideas. Who fight their own startup battles every single day; and are yet, happy to help someone else.

    Thank you Yatin. You redeemed me.

    Thank you Alok. For starting the fire.


    thanks for sharing this rudra – i think we should have more jab we met/didn’t meet stories on trh 🙂

  2. My pleasure Asha… 

    This articles just prove the importance of a community and how much it can help startups… 

  3.  Thanks a Lot Rudrajeet Desai you gave the great opportunity for brandlovevideos at our early stage and i am very Proud to say that the Moviebuddy was our first full length MOTION GRAPHICS VIDEO. 

     Thanks Rodinhoods for giving such a wonderful opportunity. Because of Rodinhooders like Rudrajeet Desai we got an identity 🙂 


  4. Very nice! I’m happy I found you Rudra 🙂

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