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Job hunting after a Failed start-up.

Hello Rodinhooders,

Well finally I can say I too failed in my first start-up. ” Veging “. Well it always tough closing down something you’re passionate and feel success can come in it, yet sometimes you have to cross check reality and see is it feasible or not. A glimpse of how our journey started right here on TRHS:

Where do I stand?

And the dream begins

Inviting all Rodinhooders in Mumbai!

And to accept it – yes I was doing good but the Financials were telling me it isn’t enough to keep going. after almost 7 months of running the store I have finally closed it down. 

So what’s next?

I’m hunting for a job at any start-up in the food space, financial, event management, and the location preferably in Mumbai.

A few of my strengths are:

  1. I never say a “NO”. 
  2. I’m ready to work 14X7
  3. I have knowledge in Finance, Restaurant Management, Customer relations, Food, and also about Travel.
  4. I’m a chef so if needed at work I can cook some of my own recipes and you could be getting exclusive food which only my family and friends would be getting it.
  5. I’m always positive and I never give up. Does that mean I have given up Veging, it’s a big “NO”. I will be back but at the moment my priorities are a bit different. I need to settle down with my betterhalf. And for that I need a decent salary to go and speak to her parents. 
  6. I have worked day in day out for my dream, thus I know how tough it is to do something all alone. So I can say every start-up has soul-friends, we know what shit we go through everyday.
  7. Last one I laugh and make people laugh no matter how many worries I would have, I would yet smile, as that’s what keeps you and your family less worried. Something I learnt from Kanchan Sir.

The experiences and learning’s from my venture could be beneficial to a lot of Foodpreneurs and also I have knowledge of how to handle a store and manage it like a “ONE MAN SHOW”. I have done it.

I can also say that at least for the next 3 years I don’t see myself going back to my venture. Since I need to earn first and then think about burning my hands once again.

So I request every start-up in Mumbai, please can you help me get a job.

Thank You,

Warm Regards,

Karan Pandhi

T: +91-9699-246-444




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  1. I could so much relate to point #5! 

    All the best Karan. You will find a job easily; a lot of companies would fight over you 🙂 why don’t you try your luck with Zomato? they have a few opportunities in Mumbai. Write a good email and send them your resume; I am sure somebody will acknowledge your experience. 

    All the best again!

  2. karan – do check out rajat’s startup – getsetresumes. (in case you need help in that area)

  3. ps: pinging everyone i can think of who can help!

  4. Yes. If you need help with your resume, please feel free to ping me. No charges 🙂

  5. Thank you Asha for all your help 🙂

  6. Best of Luck Karan …

  7. Hey Karan,

    Really sorry to hear about this. Loved the food and the Fresh lime soda. Send me your CV. Have quite a few clients where you could add value.


  8. Hi Rajat,

    Will surely ping you, may I have you e-mail id 🙂

  9. Thanks Joel 

  10. any luck karan?

  11. Karan,

    I have gone through exactly similar situations. I did freelancing for some time and it helped me a lot. 

    It was difficult to go for a full-time job; plus I had lots of things at home to take care of. However, I am in a much stable position  now; the experience helped me understand my strengths and weaknesses. 

    I am sure you will get a hold of situation; all the best!

  12. Yes Asha, 

    Hoping to hop on to a new journey by next week. 

    Thank You so much everyone.

  13. Thanks a lot Saikat 🙂 

  14. Any luck?

  15. Nothing as of yet, hoping for the best. 

    Got some plans with my cousins let’s see how it cracks.

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