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Team mate for real estate portal (Mumbai)

Team mate for real estate portal (Mumbai)

Our Mission: Helping property prospects from “Search to Possession”.

Requirement: Team mates with entrepreneurial mind-set for real estate portal startup.

Designation:  would be Sales Head (1 year commitment); with experience of 7-10 years.

Potential candidates: People who are not satisfied with their job and needing a platform to experience their entrepreneurial ability.

Scope of Work: It would be a challenging role and not for any security oriented job. Right now it is sales or revenue generating role. He/She would be given or take up any role later as in start-up firm. 

Compensation: To begin with it will be basic salary covering minimal requirement with scope of revenue base compensation. Would have huge potential in the form of heading one aspect of biz like Marketing/Sales or Operations with ESOPs. 

Our situation: is in the verge of completing the portal development and at the cusp of entering the market. We are also looking for optimum funding (not any unrealistic fund). We are right now working out of a flexible place & intend to rent an office in 3-6 months’ time. We believe in ‘lean & mean’ approach.

Working place Mumbai and around. Please call Vinayak Hanchate 9702675975 / 9322590790 or write to if interested.


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  1. vinayak, wouldn’t you want candidates to send you an email? 

  2. Asha, thanks for your presence & my absence of mind….

    My mail id: 

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