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How to post content on TheRodinhoods – some pointers to get noticed!

Hello Rodinhooders,



Now that we have a swanky new wordpress site and lots of newbie members, we thought we’d just make a brief list to help you post your content in a meaningful way for it to get noticed, get promoted and get some useful responses! Every website follows some basic hygiene – here are some pointers meant only to guide & help you…

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  1. Objective of post – make it clear right from your headline what the post wants to achieve.
  • Are you seeking help/feedback/guidance/validation/or are you showcasing your venture?
  • Are you helping the readers by adding value to the community through your resourceful article?
  • Are you sharing your startup journey and learnings which will inspire the readers and help them in some way?
  • Are you initiating a meaningful discussion and seeking others’ opinions?

2. Try and make your headline as specific as possible. General headlines like ‘Looking for advice’ tend to get lost in the volume of content that comes through.

3. Intro your company in the first para if the post is related to your startup. By doing so, the reader gets a clear backgrounder on what you do!

4. Share details of your product/venture – what is it about, how does it work, how are you different from the rest, etc.

This showcase post of Workapps is a really good reference!

5. Add images/screenshots to explain these details

6. Set one image as your Featured Image – this will be your thumbnail on the site and all over social media.

7. If you want to share a video or a ppt – embed it on the post instead of merely sharing the link. If it’s right in the reader’s face, it will get viewed 🙂

8. Make a list of queries you have or what you would from the community. The more specific you are, the higher chances of getting relevant responses.

9. Pls avoid adding too many external links – it disturbs the reader. And if you’re adding them for SEO purposes or to drive traffic to your site, chances are, it will put off the reader completely and no one will share it 🙁

10. Always link your website (only once please!) for people to be able to check it out.

11. If you add your twitter handle at the end, it helps us to mention it while tweeting your post! A lot can happen over twitter!! Check story –

12. If your post was originally published somewhere else (like your linkedin or on another site) do mention that in the end.

Reference links:

Here are some awesome startups showcased on TRH

Check out some RodinStar posts to give you an idea of the kind of content that does well on TRH!

Or simply go through Alok’s posts 🙂

Before you create your first post, you might want to check out the various ways in which you can leverage TRH!

Happy Rodinhooding!!


co-founder, TRH


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